Asics Gel Nimbus 12 Running Shoe

Heavily Cushioned

The Asics Gel Nimbus is often associated with being a competitor of the Nike Air Pegasus. The Nimbus and the Pegasus both have a lot of cushioning. The Nimbus has enough cushioning that some runners shy away from this shoe as they feel it may be over-cushioned. If you are a runner or walker who wants a heavily cushioned shoe then the Asics Gel Nimbus is a great choice for your next pair of shoes.

Blown Rubber Outsole in Forefoot

If you are looking for a durable outsole that will last for a long time then look elsewhere. The Gel Nimbus features a blown rubber outsole. A blown rubber outsole is not very durable and is easily eroded away when running or walking on hard surfaces. The blown rubber outsole however is great for the person looking for maximum traction on a variety of surfaces. BRS 1000 and similar hard rubbers are very durable, but do not provide the same traction and "grippiness" on wet asphalt that blown rubber does. If you need maximum traction for those early morning jogs on dew misted sidewalks then the blown rubber outsole of the Nimbus could easily help to keep you from falling and injuring yourself.

In key areas the blown rubber is substituted for a long lasting rubber insert. The blown rubber will provide maximum traction and the hard rubber insert will help to protect the durability of the shoe.  The heel is often worn down quickly, but the Nimbus sports a heel plug that is much more durable then blown rubber that is on the majority of the outsole.

Breathable Upper

The upper of the Gel Nimbus 12 is made of a combination of synthetic overlays and a very airy mesh. The mesh upper allows your foot to get maximum air flow to help cool not just your feet, but your entire body. If you need a heavily cushioned shoe with wide open mesh upper then many runners look towards the perennial favorite of the Nike Air Pegasus, but the Nimbus is right up in there in running shoes that you should consider.


The Gel Nimbus 12 offers a lot of ankle support. All in all the Nimbus 12 is an extremely supportive shoe. If you are a heavy person then the Nimbus may take a week to break in properly until the midsole breaks down and conforms to your style of running and weight.

Designed for Serious Runners

The Asics Gel Nimbus 12 is designed as a serious running shoe for serious runners. If you pack on the miles each week then the Nimbus 12 makes a great training shoe. Many runners often will run marathons and especially half marathons in the Nimbus. If you are not a serious runner and simply want a comfortable pair of shoes to walk around in that will help to fight the extreme summer heats then try a paid of the Gel Nimbus.

The Asics Gel Nimbus is very similar to the Nike Air Pegasus, so if you like the Pegasus you should like the Nimbus. You can find current Gel Nimbus prices online.