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Expensive Watch Brands Go Far Beyond Just a Rolex

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Rolex has traditionally gotten all of the credit in being the most expensive watch brands in popular culture. However, watch aficionados know this is not true and set their sights on truly luxurious watch quality elsewhere.

Expensive watch brands means something different for everyone.

Regardless, amongst the available expensive watch brands on the market today, there is a little something for every look and style.

From ornate, to jeweled, to simplicity that makes a statement, luxury watches are something enjoyed by each and every man who chooses to wear them. Expensive watch brands available today are coveted around the world.

  1. Vacheron Constantine Expensive Watch Brands

Vacheron Constantine is one of the world’s most expensive watch brands. It is the longest running watch company ever conceived of, having been created in 1755.

It is known for its incredibly ornate styles often including an 18k rose gold covering the face and hands.

Vacheron Constantine is repeatedly ranked among classic, must-have watch styles, with the thin and sleek look but a timepiece that draws eyes from around the room. This Swiss watch manufacturer continually makes watches worth over a million dollars, including the Kallista, a watch with 118 emerald-cut diamonds that took 6,000 hours to create when it was made in 1979, making it one of the most expensive watch brands ever.

2. Chopard Expensive Watch Brands

Chopard, another Swiss watch manufacturer, makes it in the list of expensive watch brands without hesitation.

Founded in 1860, it certainly has been around long enough to know style. Their watch collections are unpredictable, with both quartz and mechanical time pieces, as well as looks from casual to elegant to sporty.

One of their most unique watches, the Chopard Super Ice Cube, makes Chopard not only one of the most expensive watch brands but also one of the most strange.

The Super Ice Cube made headlines with its square face and dial with a total of 66 carats of diamonds. Expensive watch brands are anything but conventional!

3. Hublot Expensive Watch Brands

Hublot is one of the more modern expensive watch brands, having been founded in 1980. Having a partnership with Ferrari as the “Official Timekeeper” of the luxury car brand, Hublot has made a name for itself in its elegance in a short time.

Check out the Hublot Big Bang Men’s Watch and you’ll see why – this incredibly bold item with stark coloring is sure to catch attention. Made of 18 carat rose gold with a black carbon fiber dial, this Hublot luxury tops out at $32,500.

(At the time of this writing, if you feel like you're ready to buy from one of these expensive watch brands, click here for the Hublot Big Bang Men's Watch and save around $7,000 dollars off the list prize from Amazon. This is probably my all-time favorite watch. It's a winner.)

4. Girard Perregaux Expensive Watch Brands

Girard Perregaux is yet another of the antique expensive watch brands.

Made in 1791, the brand is known for its modern concepts and ideas incorporated in many of the watches. Girard Perregaux is one of the expensive watch brands that considers each step of watchmaking with a microscope to put together the finished product – from engineering, to design, to style.

Just check out what is arguably the most famous Girard Perregaux  – the Tourbillon with Three Gold Bridges. This headline-making watch has a dial that focuses on three signature bridges (hence the name), with a tourbillon escapement. It is set with diamonds.

This watch will run you over $400,000.

Little bit more pricey than a Rolex... just a little. Here is another Girard Perregaux watch that is extremely awesome and far less costly.

5. Phillipe Expensive Watch Brands

Patek Phillipe is one of the expensive watch brands that anyone who knows anything about expensive watch brands is likely already familiar.

Constantly earning attention, this unique brand is known for its breathtaking face designs and interesting concepts. Just take the Patek Phillipe Sky Moon Tourbillon, for example, one of the most newsworthy Patek Phillipe watches that you will see amongst other expensive watch brands.

In a groundbreaking concept, it features a nocturnal sky on its reverse side.

It also shows the orbit of the moon, moon phases, and star movements along with the hours and minutes. Not only this, but under the sapphire crystal case back, the northern hemisphere rotates.

This is a level of time-telling that has never been attempted before, so among the expensive watch brands available, Patek Phillipe gets credit for an incredibly innovative concept. This watch is seen at over 5 million.

Men’s expensive watch brands are so many in numbers that sometimes it is difficult to discern quality or true senses of luxury.

However, he who considers himself a real watch purveyor takes the time to appreciate the true art that goes into the creation of these expensive watch brands. They are not simply a fashion statement but a creation that will go down in history.

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