Be Yourself

How to stop being stressed out over opinions and excited about being yourself.


Have you ever struggled with caring just a little too much about what people think of you? Has it ever affected the way you make decisions in your daily life? If so, this article is for you. I am going to list five of the most important reasons that you should keep in mind the next time you feel like you're going to cave in on being yourself.

1. Only You Live With Your Decisions

"Bless their little hearts."

You know the ones, the ones that we love.

Aunt Jenny that doesn't know why you haven't found Mr. or Mrs. right yet.

Or Uncle John that just can't figure out why you are planning on becoming a teacher, since as he would say, "They just don't make any money!"

The fact is all of us have friends and relatives that want to see us happy in life. The problem is that they usually, unbeknownst to them, pressure you into a job that you don't want, a mate that you were not that into, or into some other commitment that you might not have otherwise  picked out if you weren't so influenced by their opinion.  

Granted, in the spirit of balance, these so-called "suggestions" are most of the time out of very good motives. However, you need to remember, only you will have to actually live with the decision that is made. 

You only see your Uncle,  friend, or relative once a week, once a month, maybe even just once a year! But how often are you going to live with the decision to go to law school and not become a teacher, just because the money was just to good to resist? 

Just remember, if you pick a job solely for the amount of money it makes or because you were pressured by someone to do it,  you're going to earn every penny.

2. It Can Tear You Down

You might argue that winning the respect of others will build you up. However, the way that you look at yourself is actually much more important. 

If you constantly compare yourself with others and what they think of you, your feelings will always be controlled, not by you, but by those around you. You won't ever be satisfied because this world is constantly changing. Consequently, you will always have to change yourself just to  keep up.  

3. It Builds Confidence

How are you ever supposed to make decisions in life if you never take a chance on your own ideas and believe in yourself?

You cannot succeed if you never try.  When you try things yourself, and succeed with the way you decided to do something, you prove to yourself that you can do it.  This will build your confidence and that will just make you a stronger person.

4. You Become a Leader

In life, there are generally two types of people, natural leaders and natural followers. Yes, I realize a blend of both is excellent, but let us not get side tracked. 

Just because someone is a natural follower does not mean that they cannot develop the skills to become a leader. Not caring too much about what other people think can actually be helpful in becoming a leader. A person that speaks their mind and thinks for themselves displays a subtle confidence that seems to draw people who might have a "follower personality."  The person that can make a seemingly "uncool thing" cool is not nerdy, they instead are now a "trend setter". 

5. It Will Reduce Stress and Worry

If you are constantly worried about what others think of you, you simply will not be able to enjoy life to the full.  You will be dominated by a pressure to conform and not be yourself. 

Instead, why not keep this list handy for reference and be determined not to be overly controlled or influenced too much by others. It will reduce stress and anxiety if you remember these points.

Just remember, have a balanced outlook on what others think of you. Their opinion is not actually who you are as a person. Enjoy being yourself, even if others try to hold you back because your opinion is what counts.

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