Have you ever flirted with a bagger at your grocery store? I have and I have also seen a lot of other women flirt with the grocery baggers. Here are some of the reasons we like to flirt with the nerdy grocery baggers at the local grocery store.

Unbroken Eggs

If I did not flirt ever so slightly with him I am afraid that he may break my eggs by trying to hurry through them like he does for the other baggers. With me he tends to bag ever so slowly as he eyes me.

Helping Hand

It does not matter if I am only purchasing one bag of Ramen Noodle and a can of Diet Coke the grocery baggers are always rushing to bag my groceries and even carry them out to my car regardless of how little I buy. I like the extra attention.

League Player

He is way below my league but he thinks he may stand a chance of hitting a homerun in my league. Not likely unless I am extremely drunk but at least it gives him something to fantasize about after a long day of working at the grocery store.

401K of Excitement

Every time I flirt with him at the grocery store he gets a bit of excitement that he is stores up and saves. I know if I flirt with him enough he will have too much excitement and have to go blow his earnings somewhere.


The true reason I flirt with him is because I have had some extremely crappy jobs in my lifetime and the last thing I want to do is make his job crappier. When I used to work fast food I hate my job, my boss, and most of the customers looked down upon me and were extremely rude.

One customer use to come in every few days and he was very polite and greeted me by name. He always perked my day up when I seen him. I hope I can give some of that back to the baggers and other people who have crappy jobs. The job they do sucks bad enough without me having to criticize and be rude to them. I flirt with the grocery baggers because I know they generally hate their job and I want to bring some hope to them each day I go to the grocery store. Life will get better, I know this.