Home Training

There has long been a debate about which is better; working out at home, or going to the gym. And while there are a lot of reasons why going to the gym is superior, this article will focus on some of the greatest benefits of working out at home, from the money you save to the decreased risk of getting sick. For instance, when you do most of your training at home instead of at the gym, you'll see that..

#1: It Saves Time

This is a fairly obvious benefit of doing your workout at home - you save a lot of time. Depending on the distance to your local gym, you can save a bunch of time that would otherwise be wasted on making your way to and from the gym. Those minutes spent in the car or on the bike there could instead be used to add some extra warm-up to your program, or give you a few extra minutes to pump up those biceps.

Another great timesaver is that you don't have to pack a full gym-bag every time you work out. If you do your training at home, you won't have to worry about packing the right clothes, a towel, padlock, shower gel etc., and can instead jump right into those training shorts and start your workout.

Although it may not seem like a lot of time (especially if you live close to the gym), these extra minutes you save will pile up in the end, and can bring some pretty awesome results if you use them in your training instead.

#2: Less Risk of Getting Sick

This one is less obvious, and may require some explanation, but the fact remains that you can cut down on your risk of getting sick by not exercising in a gym environment.

You see, when you exhaust your body (like during a tough workout session), your secondary functions are temporarily weakened to allow you to focus all your energy on your physical demands. And one of the functions that is weakened is your immune system, which means that you have an increased risk of catching diseases and infections during this time.

Now, this isn't normally so bad - your immune system will be back on track as soon as your body calms down, without any lasting damage. But it will be temporarily weakened, and if you work out at the gym, you will most likely be surrounded by other heavy breathing, sweating people, and these just happen to be perfect conditions for bacteria and viruses to spread.                            

#3: It's Cheaper

Another obvious benefit of working out at home is the money you save from not buying a gym membership. Depending on the gym, you can often save hundreds of dollars on the gym membership fee, which you can instead put to better use by buying new training equipment for your home workouts.

In addition to the gym membership, a lot of people can save money on gas or bus fair which they would otherwise have to pay to get to the gym.

#4: You Don't Have to Feel Self-Conscious

 This is an issue which a lot of people have with going to the gym - they feel self-conscious when training in front of other people. Anyone can feel a little embarrassed at the gym sometimes, be it that they can't lift as much weight as the big guys can, or that their stomach jiggles when they run.

This can have quite the negative effect on anyone's training. Feeling self-conscious about it will prevent you from pushing your training to the max, and it will take longer to see the results you want.

Therefore, it can be better to train in the comfort of your own home, where no one can judge you, and you get to work out your way, exactly the way you want, without having to worry about what others might think.

#5: Relaxation is Right Around the Corner

Aah, relaxation. Nothing beats just falling down in a big heap on the couch after a good workout. Too bad your couch is usually so far away from the gym, and you have to make it all the way back home before you get to enjoy this treat. If you do your training at the gym, that is.

If you choose to work out at home, however, you will find your comfortable couch, or perhaps even your bed, waiting right there for you when you step out of the shower. No more having to endure the entire way home before you can relax! After a training session at home, you'll never be far away from relaxation, which will greatly benefit your muscles' recovering process.


These are five great reasons to work out at home instead of the gym, but there are equally good reasons for working out at the gym as well, so don't make up your mind about your training just yet!