If you would ask most people whether they would like to have a set of six pack abs, I believe most of them would respond in the affirmative. Of course, the average individual would like to have a set of washboard abs. The question is why don't we? The answer to that question is not as simple. There are a number of factors that prevent us from achieving the physical look that so many of us covet. Below you will find just a few factors that may be holding you back in your quest for sexy six pack abs.

You Don't Have a Strong Commitment to Your Goals

Every goal that is worth achieving and that requires some effort to achieve will require a commitment on your part. The question is whether you are truly committed to your goals of being able to see a ripped stomach. There are many who aspire to certain goals but there are only a few that are committed to seeing the goal become a reality.

How committed are you? When you fail to exercise for the day what are the excuses that you come up with? Were you too tired? Were you too busy? Did you have family responsibilities that you had to take care of? Do you have doubts that you will be able to achieve your goals?

If you want to achieve the goal of removing belly fat then you need to have a strong commitment. No one is asking you to shirk family responsibilities but you must do whatever it takes to get your workouts in and to eat the way that you need to. You need to make a commitment workout out and follow the plan that you have laid out for yourself. If that means getting up extra early and going to bed later then that is what is required. In order to do that requires a strong level of commitment on your part.

You Think You are Too Old To Get That Lean

Some of you may be like me, your younger years are rapidly disappearing in your rear view mirror. If this is the case you have many more years of junk around your belly and you might be telling yourself that you are just too old to be able to see a stomach of rippling muscles. Don't buy into that lie. You can achieve six pack abs no matter what you age might be.

I will be the first to tell you that it becomes more difficult to stay lean the older you get. When I was younger I could eat a large pizza for dinner and have a large milkshake with it and still not gain a single pound. Now if I look at a large pizza I gain five pounds. I understand the difficulty.

You see the problem is that we lose muscle as we age. So we need to stay on top of this problem. The more muscle that you have the more fat that you will burn. That is why it is imperative to train with weights if you want to show off your stomach at the beach this summer.

The encouraging this is that there are a number of studies that have shown that we can add muscle even at an older age. I am only a few years from 50 and I can still add muscle. No matter what your age don't give in to the belief that you are too old to get the body that you want.

You Have a Poor Understanding of What It Takes to Burn Fat

If you are trying to achieve the elusive goal of six pack abs then you need to know how to get there. If I was trying to get to Florida and someone gave me directions to Minnesota then there is not much chance that I will arrive in Florida, at least not without a lot of extra work and time.

So many people are simply worried about losing weight. Weight loss alone will not enable you to see your ab muscles. Fat loss is what will enable you to achieve your goal. Many workouts that people perform actually hinder their ability to gain ripped abs. Their workouts burn more muscle that fat.

You will want to construct your workouts in such a way that you make your body build muscle and burn fat. It is not simply an issue of losing a few pounds. In order to burn fat you will need to step up the intensity of your exercise routine. This does not necessarily mean that you will have to exercise longer but it will mean that you will have to exercise at a level of higher intensity.

When you exercise at a high level of intensity you will not only burn fat when you exercise but when your are done. This is what is known as the afterburn effect. It allows you to burn fat even while you are not exercising (even while you are sitting on the couch).

This intense form of exercise must involve weight training and the building of muscle. New muscle add to your body has the ability to burn upwards of 50 calories each and every day. If you added 10 pounds of muscle you could lose nearly one pound per week just by your body trying to maintain the new muscle. In fact, by add the muscle you many not have lost any weight. You can gain 10 pounds of muscle and lose 10 pounds of fat and not lose any weight over all but the stomach muscles will slowly become visible. That is why it is important to understand what it takes to burn fat.

You Don't Have a Compelling Reason to Lose the Weight

If you have failed in the past when you have embarked on a fat loss program it may be because you did not have a compelling reason to lose weight. Just stating that you want to lose 30 pounds is not a compelling reason to lose the weight. What clothes would you like to get into? Who would you like to impress? What health reasons do you have for losing weight? You need a strong "why" to get you motivated to drop the weight.

A number of years ago my wife had been nagging me to get a complete blood workup to check my cholesterol, blood sugar, etc. I finally relented and had some blood drawn. The results were not very good. My triglyceride counts were off the charts. Doc told me to get my rear in gear and lose some weight. At the time, I was about 197 pounds. Four months later I weighed 175 pounds and my triglycerides were less than 150. I had a very strong why that motivated my to take action. What is your why? If you don't have one then you better find one.

You Have Attempted to Follow An Unrealistic Plan in the Past

The program, Biggest Loser, was placed a lot of unrealistic thoughts in the heads of those trying to lose weight. Everyone who has been the program thinks they can lose 30 pounds in a month. This is not true. You need to understand that the people on that show are grossly obese and are working out about 8 hours each day. Those two factors together will enable them to lose weight at a much faster pace.

If you set unrealistic fat loss goals then it will rob you of your motivation. You must set realisitic and achievable goals. At the same time these goals should stretch you and challenge you. Telling yourself that you are going to exercise three hours each and every day is not realistic. But on the other hand only expecting to exercise for 15 minutes each day will not challenge you. Both will probably leave you disappointed in the end. You wont' be able to exercise 3 hours each day (at least if you have a job) and 15 minutes won't ;provide you with enough work to burn the fat.

Set a realistic plan and stick to it like glue. If you do, you will eventually gain a two pack and then a four pack and ultimately the six pack abs will appear.