These days, most people do not like the burden of carrying coins around in their pockets. Sometimes this pocket change feels heavy and cumbersome. Coins in your pocket can also jingle quite a bit if you have a lot. This can be quite annoying, especially if you do a lot of walking throughout the day.

What about the less obvious virtues of pocket change and loose coinage? Is it really a burden, or does it have more to offer?

Detailed here are 5 reasons to always have some spare change ready and available.

1. It can help you be cash efficient - How many times have you given cash to a cashier on a purchase and received back a handful of change due to some odd price after sales tax is included? Usually, the change received at this point becomes money that you are not likely to use again. It might end up in a change jar, your car, or your sock drawer never to be used again. It essentially is wasted money. Keeping some change handy will help minimize this issue and keep more of the noticeable, and therefore more spendable, paper money available.

2. It is a great way to help friends or make new ones - Have you ever been standing in line at a grocery store and heard someone say, "I can't believe it, I am 25 cents short!"? Guess who can now rise to the occasion and offer a friendly bit of extra change? That's right, you. The person with enough foresight to carry 25 cents in your own pocket. Talk about an excellent ice-breaker for conversation and opportunity with people.

3. Helps alleviate nervous tension - Imagine you are sitting in a doctor's office or the dentist. Feeling tense? Is your leg beginning to bounce in anticipation? Is your mind starting to wander into the horrors that await you in that tiny little room? Why not reach into your pocket, grab a quarter, and spin it around with your fingers. Often the simple act of distracting yourself with tangible objects can go a long way in relieving nervous tension. This is especially helpful when giving a speech. Fidgeting with a coin in your pocket is a great way to distract yourself from the tension of public speaking.

4. Yes, payphones still exist - In an emergency, when the ever-present cell phone has been lost or broken, you may find yourself needing to use a payphone. While these are not nearly as common as they used to be, they do still exist. Bite the bullet, use the coins, and make the call. You'll thank me later. As a side note, you are also spared the embarrassment and inconvenience of calling your "help" with a collect call.

5. Great for a quick snack - In a hurry and your stomach won't stop growling? Why not stop by a vending machine and grab a quick on-the-go snack? Sure, most allow you to use dollar bills, but we already established cash efficiency in #1 above. Your wallet and your stomach will be grateful you came prepared.

How Much?

I recommend carrying at least $2.00 in quarters. Why quarters you ask? They represent more money thereby allowing you to have to carry fewer coins in your pocket. Not to mention they are the best coins to fidget with.

Buy a small coin pouch

These unobtrusive little items can help keep your coins from rolling out of your slacks and on to your car seat or strewn all over the bottom of your purse. Not only that, they keep your change tight thus minimizing that embarrassing pocket jingle.

The next time you leave your house to make a purchase or two, consider grabbing some loose change to keep with you. As with a lot of aspects of life, a little change can do a lot of good.