Break Your Facebook Addiction

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Facebook seems to have taken over the world. Stats from the actual Facebook website suggests that there is over 800 active members of Facebook to date, and more than 50% of those people login daily to their account. These are large, almost overwhelming numbers. Seriously, if Facebook was taken off the web -- there would be thousands of people would be devistated. This is one of the reasons why everybody should take a break from the Facebook world every once in awhile. Not only would it clear your mind, you would also have a lot more free time on your hands to do something more productive than stalk others around the world.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a current Facebook user and I find myself trolling FB whenever I get bored, just out of habit and also when I'm putting off writing online. I think that if each person took at least a week off from Facebook -- the world, in general, would realize that this website literally devours hours and hours of your life for absolutely nothing. A poll was taken from average FB users and over half of the people voted that they only regularly communicate with less than 30% of their 'facebook friends'. This is weird. Why add someone into your life and never speak to them on a regular basis. With that being said, here is my personal list of the top 5 reasons you should take a break from Facebook.


5 Reasons You Should Take a Break from Facebook

Facebook generates negativity. You might not be the negative person, but one or more of your friends on FB are being negative. Facebook invites people to just chime in and create drama when it's not needed. While you might not be the person creating drama, more than likely your reading it. When you consume this type of behavior into your brain, your doomed to suck in some of the negative energy.

Facebook wastes valuable time. Count back to how many times you have put off or stopped what you were doing to jump on Facebook. Probably too many too count. It's crazy how addicting it can be. Whether you were studying, working, cleaning or about to work out -- you just wasted that 10 minutes or that 10 minutes turned into an hour or so. And let me guess, you never got around to doing what you set out to do. It happens, and this is another reason to take a break from Facebook.

Stalking is a crime, people. Another reason you should take a break from the addicting social networking website is simply because stalking people is totally not cool. Facebook ultimately gives you the power at any given time to stalk that ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, old co-worker or old friend. And yes, people do this -- don't lie -- you have too. It's unhealthy to obsess over someone else's life.

Talking about yourself is rude. The whole concept of Facebook is to talk about yourself, which is fine normally but when you feel the need to update your staus everytime you go outside, go to a store, take walk or whatever -- that's a little extreme. And when you continue the pattern of talking about yourself that much, you might find yourself doing that in 'real life'. That's a bit shelfish to think that everyone needs to know about you, you and more you all the time. If you find yourself doing this, you might need to take a break from facebook.

You might actually get a hobby. Some folks get so addicted to Facebook that they have it on their phones, computers and iPads. This leaves you no room to branch out and find a hobby. If you aren't checking up on your friends status or updating your own every hour you might actually get a new hobby. Try to make it a point to take a break from Facebook and read a good book. You could also take up another sport or hobby. Leaving your spare time open to enjoy other things besides the internet may just open up a whole new world.