When you apply for a job you tend to look at three main things. Where is the job located? Is it full time or part time? How much does the job pay? Some job postings however, do not offer salary information in their posting. Instead they will state that the salary is negotiable based on education and experience. To some people this is a strange concept because they are not used to being able to talk about their salary but instead accept what is offered.

Here are the top five reasons you should be negotiating a job offer salary when deciding to accept a particular employment offer.

1 . Negotiation a job offer is a great opportunity to for you to be paid for your experience

Many people have worked in a particular area of expertise for more than a decade. Unfortunately they are often expected to work at a starting salary when they first start with a new company. This hardly seems fair and this is why many larger corporations offer the option of negotiating your salary job offer.

2. Education plays a huge part in a person’s ability to do a job and do it well

If you are person who has invested a great amount of time and money into an education then you should be negotiating for the best salary possible. It would be inappropriate for you to not be paid for getting an education. In fact, you can use the fact that you are saving the company in the long run because they won’t have to provide you with the necessary education.

3. Prospective employers truly like people who are confident

By negotiating your salary, you are showing the prospective employer that you have the drive to go after your desires. They will look at the amount of confidence being exerted and see a person who will work hard for the company. So go ahead and show a little confidence. Negotiate!

4. Many employers see a person who engages in salary negotiation as someone with initiative and self motivation

This appeals to the prospective employer. Many supervisors do not want to be bothered in following behind their employees to make sure they are taking control of their jobs. They want the assurance that you will be self motivated to complete your work without constant nagging from them.

5. Negotiating a job offer salary is a good way to insure that your needs are being met

We all have minimum income requirements that need to be met in order for us to survive. Negotiating a salary gives you the opportunity to make sure that this happens for you. You need to be able to pay your bills and making sure that your salary supports you in doing so is important. This is probably the most important reason for negotiating on a better job offer salary.