If you’re not familiar with it, Pinterest is one of the newest social media platforms and people are signing up in droves. It’s different because the focus is on the visual rather than on words. Words are still important but the main idea is to “pin” or bookmark pictures and graphics that represent your interests.

Each Pinterest user can create boards to categorize their interests. They might have a Board for music, style, books, decorating, or anything else that they are interested in. Having a variety of interesting boards will ensure that you get a variety of followers.

Followers are just as important on Pinterest as they are on any other social media network. Followers can like your pins or comment on them. They can also repin them to their own boards.

Why Should You Use Pinterest with InfoBarrel?

1. It’s Huge!

Those who sign on now can still be part of the early adopter group that often gets the most benefit from a social network. And I am positive that Pinterest is going to be as big as Facebook in a year or two. People are signing up like crazy. Each month, the amount of people that are using Pinterest gets bigger and bigger.

2. It’s Simple

While Pinterest, like any social network, could end up being a big time suck for you, it doesn’t have to be. The simplicity of this social bookmarking site is what makes it so easy to use. You come across a site you like. It has a picture. You click on the Pin It button that you’ve installed in your bookmark bar, select the category that it belongs in or create a new one and click Pin. Easy as can be.

You can find other great pictures to pin by browsing through people’s boards or you can put a term into the search bar on Pinterest and then browse pins, boards, or users. Spend just 5 minutes a day liking and commenting on other people’s pins and you’ll find that your followers numbers increase quickly.

3. Brand Yourself

If you write about specific topics you can brand yourself as an expert in those areas. On Pinterest, many people are learning that they can follow specific boards rather than follow all of a user’s boards. This is actually to your benefit because if people just want to know about scrapbooking but they aren’t really interested in you lake pictures, they can just follow your scrapbooking board. If there are several boards they want to follow they can do that, too. That means that people won’t get annoyed with you when you are pinning a wide variety of topics.

4. Promote your Articles

Every time that you pin a article the picture is attached to the link of your article. So, when people find something they are interested in they can click on the picture to go to your article and read it! I know you might think that people are just on Pinterest to look at pictures but I’ve seen traffic coming from Pinterest on almost all of my articles and on my web sites, too. Pinterest is a great place to promote your work.

5. Find inspiration

Feel a little uninspired lately? Not sure what to write about next. Browse through the boards on Pinterest and you are sure to find something interesting. Click through the pictures to find articles or just enjoy the pictures and let your mind wander for 15 minutes or so. You are sure to find something that will get those creative juices flowing again!