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I have been writing for a very long time, but never identified myself as being a writer until I signed up for Infobarrel. When I recall memories of some of the earliest times of  being a writer. I was in grade school somewhere around second or third grade. One of my favorite times in class was creative writing. I would look forward to creative writing at the start of the school day and when the teacher told us to put our pens down, I would still want to keep writing. I felt like I could go on forever. What I enjoyed was having the freedom to create any story in my wildest imagination.Whatever I wanted to happen,  I could write it down and its no longer only a vision in my mind.

 Somehow on my search to create a life of freedom for myself and find out what the internet has to offer for online jobs.  I saw a video clip on you tube hosted by oneclicklearning . The host mentioned Infobarrel, and I had never heard of Infobarrel. I saw the name around the internet a few more times being referenced as where to go to write articles online and a place to go for online jobs.  So off  I went to research as many places as possible for online jobs. When I came across Infobarrel , I  enjoyed it  because it seemed like a warm place for a beginner. I saw so many topics to write about with no restrictions applied . Only that the material should not contain any profanity, nudity, or inappropriate material.  The profiles of the writers are varying and no one has to fit a specific type of image . It seems all you need is the desire and the willingness to write. The vibe isn’t stuffy nor is it unprofessional. The site is easy to navigate and understand for a beginner. I  wasn’t intimidated or bored by the site.  The other writers are also very helpful and ready to help you with anything you ask or guide you in the right direction. I didn’t know what I would write my first article online, but I pulled something from my personal experience. I got my first article published at my new online job! , 5 Steps to Committing to a Healthy Lifestyle. After that, I could officially call myself , a Writer! I felt so proud! Although , I want a life of freedom, financial freedom would be even better! My finances are low. That's why I was searching for online jobs. When my motivation got low. I did  a few things. 

I asked for help. I was feeling like I just didn’t want to write.  So, I acted on impulse and posted on the forum, “Help! I’m not feeling the Infobarrel anymore!” I don’t know what I expected when I posted it.  With my new life changes and new attitude, I'm trying to get in touch with my feelings. So, there was a feeling. And I cried out for help. Once I posted the forum it felt like a relief, then I thought, "Why did I put that there?" I went back to cut my post and in Infobarrel fashion . Someone was there to help me. To give me advice and guide me back on track. The writers here have been awesome in giving help or guidance. Infobarrel is not your typical online job.

  I remembered why I started writing in the first place and what I enjoyed about it as a kid and decided to stay in that state of mind. JestMe explained to me that , I would have to have a minimum of 100 articles before I would even see any type of money. I thought , “ Wow, look at me ! 100 articles?” "With my nine articles, I'm not even a level two writer as of yet." " I haven’t even put a dent in the 100!" " I don’t even rate to complain yet!" "Well, lets see, I would like to write at  least five articles per day." Ok. A few days passed and I still hadn’t started my five articles a day.

 I set the goals and standards for myself but I also didn’t beat myself up for not meeting them. So , I knew that I was missing my own personal deadlines. I  found that I would rather turn in good work. Than turn in a lot of articles. I asked myself, " Can I feel proud about that?" You bet. Well, I told myself. "I’m going to come back better!"

I read other Infobarrel writers work for tips, advice and incentives. I looked for good examples and looked at the positive attributes of each writer and knew that I am capable of something good to offer. 

I  took a break and regrouped from all online jobs. I took a break from Infobarrel. I regrouped and got focused on my goals. I would like to thank all the writers on the forums that posted encouraging words, information, help when I needed it. This is a great online job community and even better. It's free to join. If Infobarrel had asked me for a sign up fee. I wouldn't be experiencing the warm online community and sense of camaraderie here at Infobarrel. If you are a new writer, don't give up. If you would like to write,  Infobarrel will be a great place to start.



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Low Mo
Credit: mourgefiles