Most writers who use Adsense to cash in on their articles are not happy with what they earn. It is like anything, you always want more. The more you earn the more you want to earn. The desire to earn more from your writing is not as strong as the desire to keep writing. There are a lot of writers who started out strongly but faded away when the income did not match up to their expectations. They either burn out or move on to something else. Let us analyze 5 ways you can be content with your Adsense earnings.

Comparison: You should learn to compare yourself favorable. That is to say, you don't want to be thinking about someone who has been writing for many and yourself. If you are just starting out, you need to look at things objectively. There is no way you will immediately earn 3 figures or 4 figures as a starter. Compare yourself to yourself. If you earn only 0.50 cents last month and .75 cents this month, be happy with that. Why? It might appear insignificant to you but that is a big jump. You need to look at the progress and take comfort in it. Your time will come and time is your friend.

Residual or Passive Income: How many people can truly say that their income is passive? Only a few people have been that fortunate. Adsense and content sharing site allow a lot of writers to craft a few article and then go to sleep. They wake up the next day and there is a little increase in their earnings. How cool is that? That is the beauty of writing online and why you should be happy with what you earn. It is passive and it will only keep increasing as long as you keep at it.

Investment: Writing online and earning through Adsense should be considered an investment. Most businesses invest and plan ahead. The same thing can be said of your Adsense earnings. You have invested the time to write and promote your articles. All you have to do is just relax and watch those numbers gradually go up. You will be proud of yourself for being among the chosen who could eventually make a fulltime living off online writing.

Return On Investment: How many people use their internet connection for business? Most people surf the web in search of entertainment or just to relieve boredom. However, you are trying to create value. You will eventually be paying for your internet connection with your earnings from writing. That is a good reason to be happy with the revenue that you generate from Adsense

Challenge Yourself: Most people who write online didn't even think it was possible to get published. However, they are not only publishing on a regular basis, they are also receiving monetary compensation. They have been able to challenge themselves. They have been able to use their skills to make a difference. The joy of knowing someone reads and appreciate what you write is satisfying. Therefore, the added bonus of Adsense earnings can only make you happy and make your joy complete.