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The HP 100-5155 20-Inch All-in-One Desktop Computer is an excellent choice for the average computer users needs. This computer comes at a reasonable mid-range price, and includes all of the accessories you can see in the above image. As is obvious, the design is very sleek and will comfortably fit into just about any room or office within your household. The purpose of this article is on providing you 5 primary reasons why I believe the HP 100-5155 20-Inch All-in-One Desktop Computer is the right choice for your computer needs. If you would like to leave a comment with any questions about this product, be sure to leave one and I will get back to you ASAP. All the included links in this article will also direct you to pages where you can go more in depth with this specific model of computer as well!

Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System

If you have owned a computer in the past that has run on a Windows operating system (such as Windows XP), then you have likely found yourself to be very disappointed because many computers with this operating system were particularly prone to viruses and other problems that could damage your computer, or at worst completely ruin your computing system. Microsoft, with there updated Windows 7 operating system, has done a great job at making an operating system that is much more user friendly and safe from viruses, trojans, spyware, and malware (among other things).

You will find that the Windows 7 interface is very easy to use, and best of all it is already set up on your HP 100-5155 20-Inch All-in-One Desktop Computer as soon as you take it out of the box.

Included in the Price are all the Computer Accessories

One thing I love about the package for the HP 100-5155 desktop computer is the fact that it includes the many accessories and peripherals that are required to use a computer. These accessories, including a mouse, keyboard, and a 20-inch monitor could easily cost you an extra $200 dollars (or more). At the $600 dollar price point, you are really saving more money then you are spending.

Aesthetically Pleasing

As I mentioned in the introduction to this article, this computer is well designed and just looks great. While this is not the most important aspect when it comes to buying a computer, it is great to know that having this computer around will not be embarrassing in any way; and it can easily fit into just about any room you place it in because of the great design and the piano black color scheme.

Great for Home and Family Purposes

Many people who are on the market looking for the best computer have to think not only about themselves, but about the other people they will be sharing the computer with. The major focus I place on this section of this article is on how this computer has the capacity to last for years even after extensive use by a large family. Assuming everyone is responsible for their actions and not doing anything illegal to garner computer viruses or other problems, this computer will no doubt be an excellent purchase.

Of course, with Windows 7 there are multiple user accounts; not to mention parental controls which can be set to block certain websites if you have any concerns about your children viewing harmful materials or going on websites that are prone to viruses.

Highly Reliable

HP 100-5155 20-Inch All-in-One Desktop Computer is a well respected computer from a well respected brand name. HP typically makes computers that are meant to last, and the HP 100-5155 is no exception. The only concern in this department will come from the usage of a Windows operating system, which is more prone to computer viruses then alternative operating systems such as the Apple Macintosh OS. Still, if you are interested in a great desktop computer with a lot of functionality and reliability, and can responsibily use the internet, then you will have no problem with the HP 100-5155 desktop computer.



The HP 100-5155 20-Inch All-in-One Desktop Computer is an excellent computer to purchase. At a $599 price mark, you are getting a really quality computer at a rather low price. While there are other computers that may be less expensive, they do not tend to last as long and you will ultimately be spending more money over the years. If you are looking for one of the best computers on the market right now in 2012, then you will definitely want to purchase this computer without hesitation. It is really that good!

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