One of the major programs which is gaining a lot of attention in the online world is the Keyword Academy.  This program starts off free for the first month, but then goes to a monthly subscription format which then costs $33 a month.  The major question that comes out of this should be obvious: is the cost worth it and why would so many people choose to pay this monthly fee?  This article is going to argue that the price is definitely worth it whether you are a true beginner or whether you are an experienced Internet Marketer looking to take your residual income to the next level.  Read on for five good arguments on why joining TKA should be considered a good move.

Reason #1: Amazing first hand education.  One of the most obvious reasons for signing up for The Keyword Academy monthly program is that the making money online education you get is going to be top notch.  You're learning from experts who have made a lot of money online ethically and continue to make money online ethically.  You get step by step videos that cover technical aspects, early work schedules for beginners, and videos on long term work and how the entire program works together so the whole is even stronger than the individual pieces.  In addition, the forum is an extremely friendly and welcoming place which also is home to dozens of individuals who make many thousands of dollars per month online, and some of whom make over $10,000 a month.

Reason #2: Post Runner Guest Posting System.  This tool alone is worth far more than the monthly fee.  Imagine in the long arduous process of building backlinks that instead of having to write thousands of articles for medicore in the author box backlinks, you could literally be a guest poster on thousands of blogs of varying age, strength, PR, and niches.  Basically, that's exactly what hte Post Runner system and it makes gathering great, in the blog post, keyword anchored, text links easier than it has ever been.  This tool is invaluable, and as an added bonus you can add a niche or general site in order to enjoy the benefit of free content from other TKA members.  Oh, and this tool is included free with the membership to the Keyword Academy.

Reason #3: Niche Refinery Tool.  This tool is also worth plenty, and just like Post Runner it comes absolutely free.  This tool allows you to cut down the keyword research time by such a huge margin that I can't even compare it to any other time saver.  You get to skip checking every single keyword, every longtail, every page rank.  Basically the video tutorials show you how to upload data to this tool and then the tool works to analyze everything, apply its formula, and goes through hundreds and thousands of keywords while you go write some articles or do useful work.  In one serious day you can easily do an entire year's worth of keyword research or more, in addition to having much more information on long tail keywords that you otherwise probably wouldn't have.  How much is hundreds of saved hours worth to you?

Reason #4: Work Tracking Tools.  One of the nice things about this monthly program is that they provide a wide array of tools to help motivate you as well as to track your actual work and link building progress.  The Work Tracker allows you to put in how many words per day you put towards your goal, and graphs the progress (or lack thereof) giving you a very clear look at where exactly you're standing towards your goals.  The Streamline also sets up tracking for your sites by setting up main keywords and secondary keywords, and keeping track of every main URL and individual URL post you link to from PostRunner.  It then uses that information to arrange a work sheet which tells you how many links to each page are built, how many more you should build, and what keywords to use.  It doesn't get much easier or more helpful than that!

Reason #5: The Community.  I'm always extremely wary of any program where "the community" or "they're so together" is a reason to actually sign up.  Often times that's a red flag, but in this case it works for a very good reason: the community is full of experts at every stage of making money online, many of whom share their very different stories of how they got to their earnings level.  Because of this, you get a much fuller view of all the options you really have to reaching your financial goals online.  Need info on monetizing with e-books?  It's there.  Want to know about an alternative way to make money?  There are several there.  Advice on a variety of topics?  Just ask.  It's not opinion or pretenders - these are actual individuals making money online helping you out.

Bonus Reason: The Affiliate Program.  Who's going to complain about getting a bonus reason, right?  The affiliate program here has two bonuses.  One is that you get 35% of all referals, and it continues on a monthly basis.  So if someone signs up through you, you don't just make $11.55 once, you make that every month for as long as the person is with this program.  In addition, you have the ability to recommend this program with a clear conscious because unlike pyramid schemes or other make money online scams, these guys actually teach everything you need to know to make a full time living online and then some.  Then they provide the tools to do so more quickly.  If you can recommend 100 people over time, not only do you get the bonus of feeling great for pointing so many people to what they need in order to completely prosper, but you will be making a very pretty penny every month from this extremely generous affiliate program to boot.

So that's it.  If I can't convince you for those reasons, I don't know how else I'm going to.  Thanks for the reading, and hopefully this convinces you to make the jump.