passive incomeCredit: morgue fileEarning a passive income is great.  If you are looking for a trustworthy site to write for your articles on, Infobarrel is a great choice because the owners are absolutely amazing.  




  1. You aren’t stuck in your house or in another building 9-5.  If you have a laptop you can take it out with you.  If you are a writer, having a laptop is probably the best investment you will make.  There is no need to sit at your desk cramped for 8 hours a day.  You are able to take your laptop outside and enjoy the outdoors, take it in bed with you or take it on vacation when you have a few minutes to spare.  There are many places where you can write your articles.
  2. The income is never consistent.  While may people would argue that this is a bad thing, in my opinion it is a lot of fun.  One month you may make $150 and the next month you may make $300.  In my opinion it is fun to guess how much you might make the next month; it is very suspenseful.  The amount really depend on the type of articles you are writing.  You may have a lot of content on Holiday articles.  This means in the summer months your income is probably going to be a little bit less. 
  3. You don’t have to continue to work.  If you are making $100 a month with passive income and you don’t feel like you want to continue to write, you don’t have to.  All you need to do is leave your articles online and stop writing and your content will continue to generate passive income for you.  This means that you have more free time to travel and do the things that you enjoy doing.
  4. You have the opportunity to grow.  If the amount you are earning simply isn’t enough, you have the option to write more if you wish.  The more often you write and the more content you have online, the more opportunities you have to increase your passive income.
  5. You can write about whatever you wish.  When you are writing online for a passive income you can talk about any subject or topic.  This is a great benefit for many people because it gives them the opportunity to express themselves freely.  Many people who really enjoy talking about a certain subject find themselves unable to talk about it to their friends and family because others do not have an interest in the topic.  When you write an article, you can feel good about it as you are sharing your knowledge with millions of people all over the world.


FreedomCredit: Morgue File

There are many reasons to love writing for a passive income, this is just 5 of those reasons.  Besides investing in a laptop, a laptop case is really the only other thing you would need to make online writing easier for you.  There are many people out there who make a living simply by writing online and allowing their content to roll in the big bucks.  Many people were able to quit they day jobs as their articles earned them enough passive income to pay the bills and live as they wish.

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