Roof Gardens Aren't Just for the Rich

There's no denying that a roof garden is thought of as a luxury of the wealthy, but as we get evermore squashed into the city there is no option but to improvise and innovate and this is exactly what the modern day city dwellers are doing.

The term rooftop gardening  can have many meanings from a modern, sleek, fresh garden design to a row of mini pots growing herbs on a kitchen windowsill, if you're growing, you're rooftop gardening!

If ground space is very limited modular growing trays can be attached to the sides of buildings with hanging plants that will cover the whole wall. This is known as vertical gardening or green walls and can benefit from more sunlight and visually softening a cold brick wall.

Of course roof gardens are planted differently in different counties and countries to allow for differences in weather conditions but often the principles stay the same.

Although roof gardens are on the roof and will get the lions' share of the rain it is always worth remembering that they will also get the majority of the sun, so if your roof garden is large you may very well want to consider irrigation.

This can be linked up all around the walls or hidden amongst the soil in the beds. They can even be timed so your plants will be watered at the optimum times, mostly in the morning or early evening when the water won't evaporate.

This way you can sit back and watch your plants grow while you spend more time enjoying your little oasis in the city!

If you're thinking of laying turf on the roof it's always best to consider modular trays which will eliminate any need for soils that when wet can add a huge amount of weight to your roof garden which your neighbour beneath you may disagree with!

There are no guidelines to how you do your roof top gardening, i've seen people use drain pipes filled with soil growing veggies and sliding them out into beds when they're big enough. There are no rules; it's just a case of what works for you and your situation. 

There are people that will come in and do the hard work for you by attaching the growing modules to your walls, build raised beds, erect trellis and everything else. This way you can concentrate on the fun stuff like what plants you like and what you'd like from them.

Roof Garden Surrey

Roof Garden Surrey