Podcasting is a powerful way to reach, connect with and market to your target audience. No matter what kind of business or niche you're involved in, if you're willing to harness your creativity, there is a way to create compelling audio content that your audience or potential listeners are going to be interested in.

From cultivating an online presence on iTunes to appealing to a larger customer base, there are a lot of great reasons to start presenting your content in audio form. Presented here are five reasons to venture out and get going:

1. Presence on iTunes

iPod Shuffle - hear meCredit: stock.xchng - hrotgers [Image ID: 371793]Blogging allows you to get your content indexed in search engines. Search is a rather huge source of traffic these days, so demonstrating authority and relevance in this area is very beneficial.

Developing video content enables you to reach another market on YouTube. Google is giving greater weight to YouTube videos in search results, and it’s the second most used search engine besides Google. Video is also very popular right now.

Another great place to be - not surprisingly - is on iTunes. Producing a relevant, regularly updated podcast show in your niche will enable you to create a presence on the popular iTunes platform.

And for those who are particularly diligent, you could upload your content to audio sharing sites like SoundCloud and re-brand it for your blog (transcripts) and YouTube (audio with pictures) as well.

2. Presence on Mobile

In addition to iTunes, podcasting allows you to reach the growing mobile market with ease. Apps like Stitcher Radio have made it easy for people to access radio shows and podcasts on the fly. Blackberry may not have the market share that it once did, but you can also submit your podcast to their directory and get more exposure.

3. Longer Exposure Time

Reading a tweet takes seconds. Reading a blog post takes a couple of minutes. If a reader navigates away from your content, you may never see them again. If you want to have and keep your visitor's attention for longer, podcasting is a must.

Podcast episodes can range from five minutes all the way up to 90 minutes or longer. You'll have to determine the length of your episodes based on your market and subject matter, but in general, you can be in people's ears for longer than they are generally willing to focus on a piece of written or video content. They can listen to podcasts while commuting or gardening or working out, and this is a big advantage.

Though video is considered one of the most important content mediums right now, the trouble is that very few people can watch a lot of videos in one sitting. If you're going to invest time into a multimedia content strategy, you might as well have audio in addition to video.

4. Less Crowded

According to podcast expert Cliff Ravenscraft, though there are easily hundreds of millions of bloggers out there right now, there are only tens or hundreds of thousands of active podcasters.

Not that you can't or shouldn't still provide valuable content and as a blogger or video producer, but podcasing is clearly a less crowded market that you can tap in to right now.

5. Appeal to Auditory Listeners

Not everyone enjoys reading blog posts. Some people don't care for video that much. Podcasting is a great way to capture this "in between" market.

People also tend to exhibit different learning styles. Some people learn by watching, others by feeling, still others by reading or hearing. If you devise a content strategy that includes podcasting, you are more apt to reach a bigger audience.

6. Growth Market

Social media expert Michael Stelzner, online business guru Pat Flynn, podcasting specialist Cliff Ravenscraft and many others all seem to agree that podcasting has a bright future. Some have even referred to this moment in time as a Podcast Renaissance.

If you want to make podcasting part of your content marketing strategy, now seems like as good a time as any.