Compost Bin Made From Wooden Pallets

If your reading this article you’re probably considering whether it’s worth your time and money to start a compost pile.  My wife and I started a compost pile about three years ago and found it to be a great investment for the following reasons.

  1. Save Money: After composting for only a month we called up our garbage service and switched to a bimonthly pick-up plan instead of weekly because it literally cut our waste in half.  By switching our service we started saving $6.57 a month which translates to almost $80 of savings per year!  We also no longer need to buy fertilizer for our garden and the plants in our yard.  When you consider a three pound box of Miracle Grow all purpose fertilizer costs $11.75 that’s another huge savings.
  2. It’s organic: As I already mentioned there is no more need to use man made fertilizers around your yard.  The compost from your pile works just as good or better because it won’t burn your plants.  Also, if you’re growing plants for food you know exactly what you’re putting into them.
  3. It’s Fun!  Building a compost pile is like conducting a year long science experiment in your back yard.  I’m always fascinated watching how fast food breaks down or what kind of new wild creatures have made their home in our compost.  It’s also a good excuse to get outside year round.
  4. It’s good exercise: Depending on the type of compost pile you decide to make, composting can be great exercise.  My wife and I made one for free out of used wooden pallets that I found around town.  It has three sections and we rotate the compost from bin to bin with a pitch fork.  It’s a great form of outdoor exercise and there’s great incentive to do it often because it speeds up the decomposition process.
  5. Benefits environment:  Composting is one of the many ways you can do your part to help the environment and the earth we live on.  It benefits the earth on so many levels.  It reduces garbage in the landfills, improves the soil, creates a habitat for decomposers, and reduces the amount of synthetic fertilizers you use around your yard to name a few.

So, if you’ve been considering whether or not to start a compost wait no longer.  There is tons of free information on the internet on how to get started today.