Why Take a Botswana Safari in 2013?

A Botswana safari gives you the chance to throw yourself in amongst a beautiful country and its amazing wildlife. With so much to see and do, it's likely you're already sold on the idea. If not, here are some more reasons why you should make 2013 the year you finally jet off to fulfil a lifelong dream:

For the Adventure

One of the commonest reasons people enjoy going on safari is for the sense of adventure it provides. Modern life can be a gentle affair for many people, so a chance to reconnect with nature is an exciting and inspiring opportunity to jump at. Tracking the kings of the animal world in their natural habitats is an experience like no other.

For the Natural Experience

Botswana's extensive national parks are beautifully maintained and protected from damaging development. They have been set aside to protect the country's tourism industry, and are one of the few remaining wild locations where animals can roam in complete contentment.

To Experience Other Cultures

Seeing how members of Botswana's remote tribes live, and immersing yourself in their culture, is a deeply fulfilling experience. Many of the groups are happy to welcome tourists into their villages, and have extensive local knowledge that makes them the best tour guides in the country.

To See the Okavango Delta

Truly one of the most amazing places in Africa, this river delta floods the normally parched soils with water. Acting as an oasis from the desert conditions, it attracts all kinds of different animals, creating a spectacular location to visit on safari. With an abundance of wildlife, and quality accommodation available, the Okavango Delta is one of Botswana's biggest draws.

To Relax

While a safari may be more active than many vacations, that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of time to relax and enjoy a spot of luxury. High quality accommodation is available to suit any taste, meaning you can experience the thrills of exploring during the day safe in the knowledge that when you return there will be a comfortable bed, delicious meal and a bottle of wine awaiting you.

If you've constantly delayed booking your dream vacation to Africa, now is the time to do it. Great value packages are available to help you enjoy the adventure of a lifetime in complete luxury. The animals and experiences you'll enjoy on a Botswana safari will stay with you forever, so make 2013 the year you finally take the flight to Africa.