If you are thinking of taking a cruise and have looked through all the deals offered on websites like Travelocity and Expedia.com, but still can't find what you are looking for, maybe you should consider an Alaskan cruise. Many first time cruisers opt for the sunny and tropical destinations such as Mexico, Jamaica and the Bahamas, but when you have been there and done that, what is left? An Alaskan cruise offers some amazing benefits that you won't find in the tropical destinations, such as:

1. Longer Cruise Times

Cruises to Alaska usually offer a longer trip time, usually between 10 to 14 days. This means in addition to having more time on the luxurious ship, you will also have more time to experience the beautiful state of Alaska. Most tours will offer a land and sea package where you can stay on the mainland for a few days and enjoy some of nature's finest wildlife and splendid beauty.

2. Lots to See and Do

You will experience some of the world's largest and most active glaciers, along with some of the most amazing scenery you have ever experienced. Your Alaskan cruise can include dog sled rides across the glaciers, guided mountain bike tours, helicopter rides, hikes to the beautiful waterfalls, and rainforest and wildlife cruises on catamarans. An Alaskan cruise offers adventure and excitement while brining you closer to nature. Your cruise ship will pass sea life and you will get an up close and personal look into their natural habitats.

3. Multiple Vacations In One

With an Alaskan cruise, you are able to experience a variety of activities and scenery that will make you feel as though you have taken more than just one vacation. The vast countryside offers a multitude of different activities and experiences and with the longer cruise time, you are able to take in more, see more and of course do more.

4. Different Experience Each Time

You can go on an Alaskan cruise at different times of the year and have a different experience each time. When you visit the tropical islands of the Caribbean, you are going to see the same things, experience the same things and have the same vacation no matter when you visit, but Alaska offers a new experience each time you visit.

5. Great Food and Entertainment

The ship offers a variety of entertainment activities from musicals, comedy shows, swimming, karaoke to gambling. You can lounge pool side while catching some rays and have a fruity drink as you pass through the icebergs in the shivering cold waters. You are given a variety of fine dining options while onboard the ship and the services are impeccable. The luxury ship and its crew ensures that each guest is comfortable, pampered and completely satisfied. There is no end to the activities offered on the ship and no end to the fabulous foods that are served. Travelers can create their own itinerary to have the cruise experience they want.