You may have heard of Magento, or maybe not. It's a new e-commerce system which has gained a lot of popularity in the past 2-3 years. It has surpassed osCommerce as the open-source e-commerce system of choice for web developers.

It is extremely comprehensive and has tons of features. We use it to create e-commerce websites for all our customers and it's proven to be very reliable, extendable and user-friendly.

These are the top 5 reasons why you should use Magento Commerce.

1. Open-Source

Magento costs nothing to use. It's open-source (free). You can simply download the latest version from the Magento Commerce website and install it onto your server within 15 minutes.

2. Hundreds of features

When I first started using Magento I was surprised at the level of complexity and features that it came with, out of the box. You have product management, attributes, sales tracking, shipping calculators, sales tax by region, multi-language, multi-currency, several payment modules (PayPal,, check, credit card, etc) and a great reporting feature. I cannot begin to name all the features it comes with.

3. Additional modules

Because Magento has gained popularity and a large following, many modules have been developed to extend the functionality of Magento. Some are free and some cost a little, but are definitely worth the price. There are modules created fro almost every function or feature you could think of. From selling digital products or having a booking feature for hotels and travel companies, it really can be used by all types of businesses.

4. Easily change the design

Magento also uses a template system to change the graphics of the site. You can purchase a Theme or a Template to easily give you site a new look and feel. Magento themes usually cost around $90-$250 and can be easily downloaded and installed on your server within 10 mins. Two great resources for buying premium magento themes are and They have over 1000 beautifully deisgned magento themes for any industry or business.

5. Ongoing support and development

There has been several updates over the years and Magento is always coming out with new upgrades. This is the benefit of using a Content management System which is popular and has many followers. You can be sure that for the coming future you will always have support and features available for your new website. This is vital when using open-cource systems because if you use a system which looses popularity you will find it harder to find support and knowledgeble people to work on it.