Infrared energy is a radiant form of energy similar to the type emitted by the sun. It is now used in saunas as an alternative to the traditional steam and is a much healthier alternative. Traditional saunas can often be uncomfortable causing people to suffer breathing problems. An infra red sauna relies on the use of this radiant energy to directly heat the body through direct light conversion rather than heating the air.

There are many benefits to using an infra red sauna on a regular basis and they all center around overall improved health and mindset.

1. Stress relief. With the state of our lifestyle today it is a wonder anyone is still capable of getting out of bed in the morning. We lead a life that is so busy we barely have time to slow down and enjoy the beauty around us let alone take a day off to go to a spa. However, with an infra red sauna installed at home you will have all the benefits of a spa within reach. Settle in with some relaxing music, a book you have been trying to read forever and let the heat melt away all your tension and worries.

2. Improved skin. The type of heat that an infra red sauna emits penetrates deep into the tissue and helps to rid the body of any toxins. This means clearer skin and there have been reports of acne disappearing for good. Just remember to keep yourself hydrated.

3. Weight loss. Infra red saunas help with weight loss in a number of ways. First is the direct approach where the type of energy emitted is confused by the body as the energy the metabolism emits and thus starts burning calories faster, as many as 500 calories per 40 minute session. After a 40 minute session of infrared therapy you may find you have little appetite, so consistent use may help to reduce your daily caloric intake as well.

4. Pain relief. If you suffer from arthritis, headaches, back pains or any other type of stiffness and soreness, an infrared sauna will help immensely by relieving the tension in your muscles as well as by promoting a healthier degree of blood flow.

5. Infra red saunas have also been used successfully in alleviating or reducing symptoms associated with aging including menopause, hemorrhoids, arthritis and many more. They have also proven their worth as an alternative form of treatment for fibromyalgia where medicine has failed. By relieving muscle tension it helps reduce the pain from this terrible condition that no one seems to know how to cure.

The benefits an infra red sauna provides for stress relief alone make one of these units worth its weight in gold. However, they are an excellent addition to any family home as they help maintain your health. Just think of all the savings you can make in medical bills because your family rarely catches anything. After all, you make sure that they are using the infra red sauna consistently to boost their immune system and overall health.