Koh Phi Phi Thailand
Credit: Marisa Hoskins

Having travelling extensively around North America, Europe and Asia, Thailand is the one destination I just can't get enough of, and have returned repeatedly to visit the beautiful country I have fallen in love with. I had the pleasure of completing a four month teaching internship at an international school in 2011 and felt as though I found my home away from home...and this feeling has never ceased since. Here are 5 (of many) reasons why you should travel to Thailand,

1. Amazing food

Thailand has an endless array of savoury and spicy dishes to satiate any palate. You could quite easily spend months on end in Thailand without ever trying the same dish twice. Thai cuisine is very interesting as each and every ingredient is selected with a special purpose and in a particular combination with each other. For example, in the dish Som Tam (or papaya salad) green beans are used to counteract the acidy of the spicy chilies. Some of my favourite thai dishes include: steamed fish with lemon and chilies, Som Tam, Massaman Curry (a spicy curry with coconut milk and peanuts) and Pad Kee Mao or "drunken noodles" which are spicy noodles with plenty of basil and chilies (aka the Thai hangover food of choice.)


2. Beautiful Beaches

Thailand has an endless array of beaches to visit each seemingly more beautiful than the next. Some of my favourites on Phuket include Nai Yang Beach and Kata Karon.

3. Wat's Bar

Wat's Bar was the place I arguably spent the bulk of my time whilst living in Thailand. No it was not for the drinks but rather the sand for a floor, proximity to the beach warm atmosphere and friendly owner Wat. The bar is location on Nai Yang Beach and definitely worth a check out for anyone visiting Thailand.

4. Amazing People

Thai people are some of the warmest and kindest people I have ever met in my life. Living and travelling through this country provided me with extensive reminders of the power of a warm smile and kind gesture.

5.Incredible scenery

Regardless of your preference...there is something for everyone in Thailand to see. Amazing beaches, to beautiful ruins, to rocky peaks to jungles...Thai scenery is diverse and breathtaking.

I have yet to meet anyone who has not fallen in love with Thailand. Contrary to popular media, Thailand is also incredibly safe, I have completed extensive solo travels around the country. Thailand is a fabulous travel destination for first time travellers, experienced travellers, those interested in history and those looking for a beach vacation. I highly recommend everyone visit this beautiful country. I will be returning again, sooner rather than later. Hope this guide helps you with your travel plans!


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