The pub drinkers guide to running.


I remember early in my running days catching up with some friends in the pub after I'd a particularly gruelling run. My legs had that satisfactory burning feeling, they ached and it showed. I explained how I'd on a whim decided to run 20 miles and back to a town called Longton in Stoke on Trent. (By far the furthest I'd ever run at that time.)


"Why?"..... Was the resounding question that greeted my tale.

"Longton's not that bad." I said.

"No why run that far!...... Why run at all?"

At that time I could only answer, why not? 


So for the geezers down the pub:        5  reasons why we run.


  1. It's cheap.

Yep the world's your oyster... well at least Longton is anyway. No gym membership fees, no expensive equipment just the price of a pair of running shoes and you're away. And if you want to go down the barefoot route it wont even cost you a pair of shoes. Think of the extra pints you could buy with all the money you saved.

      2. It's  primitive.

Not as primitive as the conversation at last orders. But primitive in the sense  that it's so simple. It's just one foot in front of the other. It's you and the ground you're running on. There's no rules, you can go when you want and you can make it as easy or hard as you like.

      3. You get one hell of a buzz!

Very similar..... You get a beer buzz for about the first three pints then its all down hill from there. You get a runners high for about the first three miles before yes's all down hill from there.

       4. It's Meditative.

As soon as you step out from the front door you leave it all behind. Running is incredibly  meditative. It can clear your head and  give answers to your problems. A bit like going to the pub, but when you return from the run you can still recall the answers.

        5. It's an Adventure.

Just like a night on the town running is an adventure. You never know what's around the corner and you may fall over. But if you manage to stay on your feet there is no better way of getting fresh air and exploring your environment.


It's worth remembering when people ask these daft questions, George Mallory's response when asked why he climbed Everest..."Because it was there."

That's kind of how I felt, I did it because I could. 

Any more suggestions to the pub drinkers guide to running?

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Ollie Goldsmith.