5 Great Reasons to Use CANBus Technology

CANBus technology is a means of obtaining valuable information about a driver's performance levels and can increase productivity and service to clients and customers. By taking the results of over 20 different factors including duration spent driving, duration spent stationary and fuel expended, managers can work out the most economic and effective strategies for business transportation activities. The following are 5 great reasons why your business should be using this valuable technology.

  • Technological advances with powerful applications such as this one really come into their own when used for instructional purposes. The information and data gathered from the powerful device can provide instructors with detailed and comprehensive analysis of exactly where each driver can improve. Using the valuable results, companies can find the best way to improve their driver's performances.  As such, the company as a whole stands to benefit.
  • The economic savings associated with CANBus devices are just one more powerful reason that every sensible company should be looking into applying it. By taking a whole range of factors into account, which the devices record and communicate to a company's headquarters, an analytical team can plan the most cost effective route from HQ to the client. By finding the quickest route, money spent on unnecessary amounts of petrol can be markedly reduced, saving the company real money.
  • By explaining the results of the device's findings to a team of drivers during the retraining process, a new, safer approach to transportation activity can be highlighted. The findings can clearly show that erratic driving, over accelerating or over braking can have a detrimental effect on the completion time of an assignment. This can save the company having to worry about potential damage to vehicles. Ultimately, safer driving techniques save the company money in repairs and mean a safer environment for employees.
  • CANBus technology offers instructors and company analysts a clear picture of exactly how well a driver is performing. With the precise results of every member of the team's personal road use broken down to the finest detail, advisers can draw conclusions about the safest and most efficient approach to pushing the company forward.
  • Ultimately, the analytical finding of these results, cross referenced with other drivers and with optimum performance levels, can help bring about a more responsible and safer working environment. With savings to be made on petrol, repair work and insurance, vehicles equipped with these units are safer and more economic.  It is one more compelling reason to make use of CANBus technology.