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Disney parks have many of the best rides and attractions in the world, but all of the theme parks ar Walt Disney World in Orlando could use some additional rides.  There are many rumors of what the Disney company will build next, but from a fan's perspective, these are the rides Disney should build at their Florida parks.

Animal Kingdom boat rideCredit: Allen-DouglasCredit: Allen-Douglas

New Boat Ride at Animal Kingdom

On opening day Disney's Animal Kingdom had a boat ride attraction.  The boat ride created some confusion at the time.  The lines were long and the boat did not really go anywhere.  Soon after the boats where taken away and have not returned since. This is a case to return a better version of the boats back to the Animal Kingdom.

The Animal Kingdom park is Disney's largest park in Orlando, based on land size.  The park requires a decent amount walking because of its size.  There are also issues with the flow of people moving through the park during parades.   If you get on one side of the crowd waiting for a parade, it is unlikely to be able to pass through to the other side until the parade clears.  Many of the congestion points are where pedestrian need to cross the brides over the waterways. 

Overall, the waterways were designed very beautifully.  It appears they could also serve the purpose of transporting people.  The bridges appear to have enough clearance to allow small boats to pass under.  The pieces are all there to install a boat transportation system to allow improvements of the flow of people through the park.  This system would also provide guests with a rest while they are moved to other areas of the park.  The boat system could also serve as a family-friendly attraction.  Many of the Animal Kingdom waterway areas resemble the Jungle Cruise attraction.  As guests are transported through the park, they would experience an entertaining ride. 

Some additional excavation is neeed near the park entrace where the main path first meets the circular waterway.  This is the best place to begin the boat system (to the right of the tree).  Two other ports are also needed.  One port, just beyond the Yak and Yeti restaurant and another over by Dinoland USA.

EPCOT E-Ticket Ride

EPCOT at Walt Disney World offers guests a look at several countries in World Showcase and attractions in Future World.  While EPCOT has 10 rides it has no E-Ticket attractions in the World Showcase.  This provides an opportunity for a new ride.  There are two locations where there is enough space for a new ride at EPCOT.  First, the open land between Germany and China could accommodate a small footprint ride.  Since the space is limited, only a simulator-type ride or a drop ride will fit in this area.  The second location is the huge amount of land across the canal behind the american Pavillion, Italy or Japan.  An indoor roller coaster makes the most sense.  The other option is a Mt. Fuji or purple mountain (America) coaster or a wide ride.

Animal Kingdom new rideCredit: Allen-DouglasCredit: Allen-Douglas

New Animal Kingdom Dark Ride

Animal Kingdom is the only theme park at Walt Disney World without a true family friendly dark ride.  I would not consider Dinosaur a family friendly ride.  It has more elements of a thrill ride.  The Studios has the Great Movie Ride and the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT has some of the best dark rides ever built.  To further make the case, Animal Kingdom has only 2 rides an entire family can enjoy, including Triceratops Spin and Kilimanjaro Safari.

Walt Disney's original vision for his theme parks was a place the whole family can go and ride the rides together.  There is a reason many families consider the Animal Kingdom a half day park.  After seeing a few shows and riding the two rides an entire family can enjoy together, most of the rest of the park is similar to a regional zoo.  Personally, I love Expedition Everest, Kali River Rapids, and Dinosaur, but when traveling with small children and their grandparents, I feel it is hard to get value out of the nearly $100 spent per ticket.

A marquee dark ride is needed for Animal Kingdom.  At one time a journey to the center of the earth ride was considered at the Land Pavillion in EPCOT.  This type of ride would be a good fit for the Animal Kingdom.  Also Disney has a deal for bringing Avatar to the Animal Kingdom.  Possibly an Avatar dark ride is in the works.

Indiana Jones Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios

The upgrade to Disney's Hollywood Studios is simple.  Bring the original Indiana Jones Adventure ride to the Studios.  This ride is one of the best rides at Disneyland.  It would make a nice complement to the Indiana Jones Stunt Show at the Studios.

Magic Kingdom transportation systemCredit: Allen-DouglasCredit: Allen-Douglas

The Magic Kingdom

From a ride standpoint, no changes are needed at the Magic Kingdom.  The new Fantasyland expansion will offer some much needed extra space to absorb some of the guests in the park.  From a pedestrian standpoint around the park MK has some serious issues.  During parades and fireworks, pedestrian movement through the park or to the exit is difficult because of folks standing or sitting waiting for the event.  During busy times cast members often direct traffic out of the park behind the main street façade in a backstage area, ruining the magical experience of walking out of the Magic Kingdom.

An underground or elevated light rail transport system connecting a point near the park entrance to the rear of the park, including a possible stop in Tomorrowland, is needed.  The ideal transport system is similar to the system at many large airports.  The passengers stand or sit and the train travels in one direction, then back the other direction.  A parallel system actually works best, with people entering the line between the tracks and exiting on the outside.  If the system is all internal a stop in Tomorrowland is ideal.  Otherwise, a system built completely outside the park would work best with a completely new entrance/exit constructed near the new Fantasyland.  Such a system would reduce foot traffic traveling from the back of the park to the exit or to the front of the park during busy parades or fireworks.  This transport system also improves the overall experience of guests would like to avoid long walks through the park at the end of the day.