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Have you ever heard of a law and thought to yourself; who came up with that?  There are many old laws on the books that are something right out of a comedy.  You better be careful though, because breaking one of these could have you in jail or facing a heavy fine.   Throughout the United States there are numerous unknown laws.  Sit back, relax and get ready to laugh:

  1.  Alabama-Bear Wresting Matches are Prohibited-Apparently in the past bear wrestling was a big deal in Alabama.  This type of entertainment was considered cruelty to animals.  To stop this practice this law came into existence.  So anyone selling tickets or promoting a bear match as well as found to be training a bear for this purpose will be arrested and punished in accordance with state laws.  The moral of the law is, if you want to put on a wrestling match don't invite bears to participate.
  2. Indiana-No one may catch a fish with their bare hands-According to this law, if you try to gather up a fish with your hands from a state owned body of water or using several other methods like: electrocution, dynamite, a net, trap or a crossbow you are breaking the law.  Moral of this law is simple; use your fishing pole!
  3. New York-Kendall-You can’t camp out for more than 72 hours on your property.  If you want to camp out for a longer period of time a permit is needed.  This law is in regards to an actual mobile camper.  You also cannot have more than two campers at a given time on your property as well.  Moral of the law; take your camper to a campground and have a great time.
  4. Wyoming-Entering a mine while intoxicated is prohibited.  If you enter a mine where miners are employed after drinking you are guilty of a misdemeanor.  The punishment can be either a $500 fine or 1 year in prison.  Moral of the law; Please don’t drink and mine!
  5. California-Dana Point-Urination and Human Waste-If you have to urinate or defecate, discretion is the key.   According to the enacted law, you may not use the bathroom on your own private property if any area that can be seen by the public.  Moral of the law; for goodness sake, close the window!

Laws are made to protect us, but many of these laws bring us laughter and a raised eyebrow.  Whether you are in California, Wyoming, New York, Indiana or Alabama there are some interesting state laws just waiting to be discovered.