romantic things to say to your boyfriend

Love is an awesome feeling that makes two souls come together as one. Love is even more perfect if your partner is indeed your soul mate. It is always best to give love to your partner with all your heart as this is the only way to really enjoy it. Life is short so live it with no regrets and love like there is no tomorrow. As much as we would like to be around those we love all the time, there always come things that separate us every now and then. It is at this particular time that your partner needs assurance that your love for them is still alive. You might not be a romantic but here are some romantic things to say to your boyfriend when you miss him.

>>>> When you kiss me you speak to my soul…Love is deep and your partner should know that what you two share goes beyond the heart. Affection and intimacy is important to any relationship. It is at this difficult time of inevitable distance, regardless of whether short or long, that you both get to step back and re-evaluate the state of your relationship. Saying such loving words at this time will have a big impact and secure your love.

>>>> We can sit on the porch all day without uttering a single word yet feel like we had the best conversation ever…Men are not as romantic as women but find other ways of expressing their love. Telling him that you know he loves you even though he doesn't say it out loud is a great relief to him. Distance poses a great risk and strain in relationships but letting your man know that you are secure and assured of his love would give him much comfort and peace. This is one of the romantic things to say to your boyfriend when you miss him.

>>>> I never knew the warmth of muscles until you embraced me…This is a very wise message that serves two purposes; to show love as well as feed his ego. Men can act macho and manly but the truth of the matter is that their ego needs to be fed every now and then. This makes more sense if these words come from the women they love. Your man needs to feel enough for you and this kind of message says it all for him.

>>>> Am drowning in your love and i sure don't want to be rescued…Men just like women sometimes become insecure of whether they are playing their part right hence the need to reassure. In this case, telling your partner that the impact of their love is more than they think it is very encouraging. This way, they get more eager and anxious to come back to you and also keep you in their minds all day long. The not wanting to be rescued part lets them know that you are comfortable in his love and that you're in it for the long run. This is also one of the romantic things to say to your boyfriend when you miss him.

>>>> Days might be long and disappointing but the assurance that you're mine makes the sun come up…Every one wants to be waited upon by the one they love. Texting the love of your life such a message lets him know that they are important and wanted in your life. Everyone needs to feel that they belong somewhere. Such a message lets him know that they have a home in the warmth of your heart. Who wouldn't look forward to coming home to such a loving woman?

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These romantic things to say to your boyfriend when you miss him remind you that love indeed makes the world go round. The warm fuzzy feeling deep within is what makes you want to give more and more of your heart and soul. Of course beautiful things come with compromises and sacrifices. Distance is part of life but focusing on what you truly feel for your man will keep you strong. The phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder" applies most in this case. With each passing day, minute or second your partner is away from you the more your heart grows fonder.