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Romance and relationships go hand in hand. Rarely do you come across a strong relationship where both partners don’t work at injecting romance in the relationship to keep it blossoming. Romance can be anything from saying sweet words to your boyfriend to appreciating him through kind deeds to cooking him his favorite dish to making him enjoy you through love making. You can also think of 5 romantic things to say to your boyfriend at night.

A relationship where partners don’t try new things becomes boring over time. You must learn and know what your man’s interests are if you are to make your relationship work. Night time presents one of the best moments to get romantic with your boyfriend. Chances that both of you are not very busy at night are moderately high as compared to the day unless you or your man is working at night. 

Here are 5 romantic things to say to your boyfriend at night:

>>> Baby, make sweet love to me; I am all yours tonight, take me, I surrender to you.

>>> Come have a piece of me, I am so ready for you, lying in bed waiting for you.

>>> Let’s make love until the morning light.

>>> The night is here with us again, I thank God for taking care of you during the day. I pray that He now send you a guardian angel to protect you until the morning.

>>> I feel the warmth of your body next to me mine. It really turns me on; I just want you to explore my body right now

The more romantic you are, the more attractive you are to men. Men love romantic women and find them adorable. Here are other ways on how to be attractive to men:

Besides the above 5 things to say to your boyfriend, buy him a wrist watch with the words “I will always have time for you” inscribed in it.

>>> Be Romantically Playful…Here is what I mean. Suggest days of the week when he is going to be romantic to you and take up the other days to be your turn. You can also suggest a shower together with him.

>>> Become Creative…Your boyfriend is perhaps the best lover you have ever been with. Why not buy him a trophy with the words “best lover ever” inscribed on it? Be sure your creativity will attract you more to him.

Do you have a problem attracting men? Perhaps you need to learn a few tricks and tips on how to attract any man. Most women think that certain types of men are only attracted to certain type of women. However you can attract any man you choose if you play your cards right. Here are 4 ways to attract any man...

>>> Work on Your Figure…All men love curvy women. By curvy I mean the hour glass figure. Hit the gym and adopt a training routine aimed at making you attain a flattery figure. Watch out what you eat too.

>>> Be Courteous…Men hate rude women. If you are a rude woman then you will have a hard time attracting men. Be quick to accept mistakes and look for reasonable ways of solving issues.

>>> Be Principled…No man will take a woman who has set her standards of engagement high for a ride. That you have principles by extension means you are organized. Men love organized women.

Be a go Getter: So you like this guy? Go get him! Talk to him before someone else does. Walk straight to him and ask for his contacts. Should I be the one texting first or should the guy text first? If you are the one who approached him, then he might text you just to find out who this courageous woman really is. If he doesn’t, you know what to do, don’t you?

By being romantic shows that you are good when it comes to expressing your inner feelings. Nothing turns on men like a romantic woman. On top of the 5 romantic things to say to your boyfriend at night try out these love quotes for your boyfriend:

>>> You such a patient man, who have taught me the virtue of humility.

>>> You are the kind of man every woman would love to be seen with.

>>> I wish I would have the same sense of humor as you.

>>> When I was yearning for love you heard me, you came and serenaded me with you love. Surely love has been good to me.