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Do men cry? What would it take to make your boyfriend cry? What are the 5 romantic things to say to your boyfriend to make him cry? Generally guys don’t cry easily. It takes a lot to make a guy cry. However, make no mistakes; guys have their emotional side too. And yes, guys do cry!

That a guy cries over something you said means that he has let you into his emotional world and would not be ashamed to shed his tears in front of you. A guy who cries in front of a woman is not afraid of what she might think of him and that means he is really close to the woman.

Let’s us be honest; if you really want to make a guy cry you have to make sure that the ambiance is right. Guys don’t just cry. However for a woman they love, crying is not a big deal. He knows he can trust you with his emotions. That’s why he won’t be afraid to break down in front of you. 

Here are 5 romantic things to say to your boyfriend to make him cry:

>>> Over a romantic movie say to him ,baby that reminds me of us, I would die for you if that’s what it would take to save yours soul.

>>> When he is faced with a tragic situation, for instance the passing away of his mother, pat his back and whisper to him, my love, all will be okay, and I know you will miss your mum but that’s the will of God, we will join her someday.

>>> Tell him that he is your world; remind him of how he came through for you when you were sick and hospitalized while thanking him for his support.

>>> Surprise him with a special gift to mark an achievement. Say to him, baby I will always treasure you, I will be by your side as you move from one glory to another.

>>> If he happens to cry for a reason you don’t know, cry by his side, caress him and say to him, its ok love. Be his source of comfort. 

For a man to trust you with his emotions you certainly have to remain attractive to him. It takes personal input to remain attractive to your boyfriend over a long period of time. Here is how to be attractive to men:

>>> Be Honest…If you are honest with your boyfriend, it won’t be long before you earn his trust. He will view you to be more than a girlfriend and will slowly let you explore his world.

>>> Invest in Personal Hygiene…Be neat. The more well groomed you are, the more attractive you look to him. Invest in some perfumes, clothes that flatter your figure and some makeup to say the least.

>>> Be Jovial… It doesn’t hurt to have a good laugh with you boyfriend. As a matter of fact, it only brings him closer to you if he finds you to be a person who is easy to get along with.

The 5 romantic things to say to you boyfriend to make him cry highlighted above aside. Have you ever wondered what it takes to attract any man? Before you even get to a point of making him cry you have to attract him first. Right? Here are 4 ways to attract any man:

>>> Confidence is Key…Any man out there will tell you that he is attracted or find a confident woman attractive. Being confident shows that you are on top of things and you are not desperate. It also helps you mingle with any man easily.

>>> Be Engaging…The more engaging you are the easier it is to attract any man. Feel free to exchange your number with a guy you like. Should the guy text first or should I be the one texting first? If the chemistry is right, there is no harm in texting him first lest he never got the signs you are attracted to him

>>> Be Seductive…Men (all men) like being seduced by women. It is as easy as a random wink at a pub or a striking pose in a shopping mall. Learn the art of flirting too. It works like magic on any man.

>>> Stay in Touch With What is Happening Around You…You want to attract any man? Be in touch with the current affairs. Read newspapers and stop skipping over news on television. Men love women who are knowledgeable. 

You must be very romantic if you get your boyfriend to cry. In addition to the 5 romantic things to say to your boyfriend to make him cry, here are love quotes for your boyfriend to serenade him with:

>>> I love you so much.

>>> My Mr. Perfect, how’s you today?

>>> You are my Superman; please tell me I am your Super girl.

>>> Love comes to those who believe, thanks for believing in me.