Romance is something I can be into when the time is right. While you cannot "buy" love, you can certainly by things which can heighten individual encounters with your partner. On some occasions, you both may want to plan things in advanced; with all the intricate details and purchases being made together. On the other hand, there may be special occasions where just one partner is looking to do something to "spice up" the relationship; or just simply to make the other person feel special. Whatever the reason, ultimately, romance is a wonderful aspect of a relationship that unfortunately it would seem so many people tend to miss out as they just hook up or are skipping out on relationships altogether. By extension, romance does not have to inherently be sexual; though things may more than likely take a turn in a sexual way over time and during the duration of a romantic encounter. It is the way of nature, and in many circumstances the way things should unfold. I would think it would be a sign of a good romantic occasion.

So, without further wait, here is a list of a few things I have found which I think can do a great job at heightening the romantic mood!

1). Chocolate Scented Rose Pedals

This was a very interesting product that I bought. These are fake rose pedals which smell like chocolate (and they actually smell good to my nostrils). They can be used very well to set a scene in the bedroom, or in a bath tub. One fact about them that I love is that they float on water, which can create a sort of surreal romantic bath experience. THIS particular kit is not only very inexpensive ($7.99) but also includes a few candles and so forth. There is nothing quite like setting the scene prior to actually engaging in romance. It is that pre-thought which can be viewed as the best part in many respects, honestly.

2). Candles

Of course candles makes this list! This one is perhaps the easiest to expect, however it is a timeless classic which shows no sign of aging on the human conscious mind. There is nothing better than the silhouettes of two lovers flashing against a gently lit, yet dark wall. Candles are not only atmospheric in a sense that they light up a dark place, but they also create shadows and illusions of movement which is fascinating to think about on a deeper level. Without going quite there, candles are useful for romantic occasions; whether you are lighting a room or simply using them on a dinner table while you eat with your lover.

It is also necessary to consider the aroma you are putting into the room as well. Some scents are more favorable for romance (such as rose or vanilla), though there is of course some subjectivity dependent on both individuals desires. Candles work on both the visual sense, as well as our sense of smell.

3). Essential Oils

I had recently stumbled upon this article about essential oils, and how they can be used in so many different ways; from adding some flavoring to food, to massages (as is expected), amongst other things. There were a lot of details found amongst this person's Squidoo pages (I am not the owner for the record) detailing how essential oils can be used. I found them to be very intriguing because of their health benefits, and just the thought of implementing them into a nice relaxing body massage tickled my fancy; and is why they are brought up in this particular list. There are a variety of aromas, and I can just imagine that these oils work just as well as other massage oil; if not better because of their therapeutic level rating.

4). Buy Flowers

This is another classic, however they are not necessary exclusively to be given as gifts (say on Valentine's Day). Rather, they can be used to heighten the feeling of surreal, beautiful nature creeping into your home. For example, one can fathom having multiple bouquets of flowers around a bathroom working with candles and rose pedals (as described earlier). They can set the scene, and perhaps allow you both to "role-play" your romance in a particular environment which may be unrealistic to real life; though that is inevitably the point of romancing.

For those unaware, ProFlowers offers a large variety of flower arrangements, and are very affordable as well!

5). Buy Music Specifically For the Occasion

There is a variety of romantic music available on the market. Though there will undoubtedly be some subjectivity, I would highly recommend primarily instrumental pieces of work in the genres of classical, electronica, and trance. I find that I tend to really enjoy electronica pieces during romance because the music often sounds very foreign, as if it was created in a forest or in space (or both, depending on the piece). I would highly recommend an artist like Yanni as well, as he is one of my favorite composers and seemlessly blends classical and electronic musical componenets together. Of course, one look the man and you may be compelled to run off to Greece and romance him; so watch out (and this is coming from a heterosexual male).

6). Buy/Rent a Romantic Film to Watch Together

As we all should know, film is where romance comes to life. Movies like "The Notebook" and "A Walk to Remember" remain some of my favorite romances because of the stories expressed within them. Even better, I like to always remember that these are fantasy worlds which look awfully similar to our own. In some ways I feel like "this could happen to me", and fortunately thanks to the nature of our imagination and ability to fantasize; we can replicate the sensations we see on screen with our loved one.

Watching good romance movies together can heighten your interests in each other, as well as be entertaining for you to watch as your romantic evening unfolds.

Remember, romancing IS a fantasy. You can escape from the pressures of reality with your partner, which is essentially the beautiful quality it contains. Whether or not we are aware of it, many of us desire this escape from real life; as real life is oftentimes bleak, sad, and depressing. I hope you find some things on this list to be of use too you! Hopefully with a few little purchases, you can show your lover that you really care by setting a great atmospheric mood; and letting him/her know that you can speak a romance language. If you have any romantic stories you'd like to tell, feel free to share them in the comments!