If you're just getting started out in article writing or the blogosphere, you can't afford to overlook important SEO article writing strategies and resources. Because, in the online realm there's a simple equation for blogging success that all writers must abide by: search engine optimization (SEO) + great, relevant content = page views. And page views equals more money. So, if you slack off on the keyword research and search engine optimizing, you are, in-effect, losing money. 

5 SEO Article Writing Resources You Can't Afford to Overlook 
Maybe you already have a niche selected, and have implemented a solid workflow to shell out articles efficiently and of a publishable quality. But have you taken the time to understand the importance of SEO and how it can increase your traffic and revenue? 

SEO Training: The Tools

While the art of SEO requires a deep and thorough study to master--and yes, it is an art as much as it's a science--you can start your education and develop a good base of knowledge by enlisting the help from these five solid SEO resources.
1. SEOmoz - The Beginner's Guide to SEO - This guide is a must-read for anyone looking to create online content. The company, SEOmoz, does a great job of breaking down some of the more jargon-heavy aspects of SEO in laymen's terms. And, as a bonus, the PDF eBook they provide (free of charge) is also chockfull of awesome graphs, stats, and cool vintage graphics.
2. Beginner's Guide to SEO: Best Practices - This resource is a three-part series that walks newbies through topics like keyword research, link building, and page rank. It also does well to embed helpful videos (none more than ten minutes or so) and define basic SEO terms--because of that fact, this is a great launch pad for a deeper SEO understanding because you can take the terms you learn here and build upon your knowledge base.
3. Pat Flynn's Keyword Research and SEO Webinar - Because I want you to start off strong, I'll recommend a phenomenal webinar put together by passive income genius Pat Flynn. In this video, Pat goes through the entire process of researching keywords and also provides viewers with an in-depth look at the industry-leading tool for keyword research Market Samurai.
4. What Else is Wrong With The Smart Passive Income Blog? SEO Mistakes - Another smartpassiveincome.com resource, this blog post will provide you with the flip-side of the coin. Instead of showing you a how-to, Pat does a great job of dissecting various SEO boo-boos, using his own site as the case study.
5. Search engine optimization (seo) for beginners - This resource is something that every starting blogger/article writer should bookmark. I haven't searched through the entire thing, but know that it takes readers step-by-step through SEO practices. Also, the added bonus here is that this site also offers programming/scripting and web tutorials for those of you doing a bit more than article writing.
Well, with this list there shouldn't be many reasons you're not slamming out search engine optimized content at breakneck speeds. If you do still find yourself hesitant to pump out quality content maybe you need to overcome a fear of failure before you can truly get to work. Please let me know if this list helps you out in any way. Hopefully you'll be dishing out great SEO content soon! 

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