Dog feeling sick

As a pet owner, the most fearful thing I don't want to see is my pet is sick or in pain. Although there are obvious signs that show this, we must remember that dogs can't speak the way we do and they don't always show they are not feeling well. Dogs can tell us what they feel through their actions so it's important we observe their behaviors if you have a feeling they are not in good condition. 

Below are common symptoms to watch out if you suspect your dog is feeling some kind of pain.

Heavy Panting

It's normal for canines to pant. Don't be surprise to see if your dog pants heavily during hot days. Always be on the watch if your dog came out of nowhere panting heavily. This may show he's stressed or feeling some pain.

Excessive Grooming

Licking their hair is natural for dogs, it's their way of grooming themselves. If you see your dog is grooming excessively, it only indicates they are not in normal condition. If you see signs that your dog is licking only a particular area of his body, it could mean that part is feeling some pain. Canines will repeatedly groom the painful area of their body in the hopes of relieving the pain or clean the wound.

Lack of Appetite

Loss of appetite is also a sign your pet dog is in pain or feeling sick. Same us humans, we don't feel like eating when we're ill. A dog's lack of appetite can be a result of underlying reasons but if it continues, it is best to see your veterinarian to determine the cause.

Became Reserved or Aggressive

A dog feeling pain will usually seek refuge in some corner of the house and ignore attention for the reason he lacks energy to socialize. Also, dogs suffering some pain have the tendency to become aggressive when touched by their owners or by other people. Don't be easily upset if your pooch usual sweetness suddenly declined and gives you snarls when you try to pet them. Your pet only wants to show he don't have a way to communicate with you to let you know what makes him feel hurt.

Change in their Habits

If you arrived and your dog doesn't greet you the way he used to, if he don't give attention to his toys or turn down any activities like walk in the park or simply running around the house, he is without a doubt in pain or feeling sick. Bring him to your trusted vet to check out what causing him to act that way. 

If you’re pet dog shows any of the signs and symptoms I explained above, it is best to seek a veterinarian's help to treat the problem immediately.