Quite a few individuals state they can't make decent cash through ebay. However, it's even now one of the most effective ways to earn a constant income online. Many individuals make a lot of mistakes when attempting to sell on ebay and then question the reason why they cannot make cash through it, well here are a few things you need to do to actually make cash from ebay!

1) Watch your own competitors. You simply need to observe what your competitors is doing, how they are promoting, who they are selling to and what generally works! If you're about to start promoting a new item then do a search and see how other individuals are selling it. Then check their feedback to observe how many they have really sold. This might even help prevent you from listing an item which just can't sell!

2) Always leave positive feedback, it's not just courteous but it's pretty essential to the whole model of ebay. Leave positive feedback for your customers and they will more then likely do the same for you. If you wanted to purchase an item such as a sat nav and you saw the item on sale for the same price at 2 different vendors you would usually go for the one with the most positive feedback You could even have over 1500 positive feedbacks on your account but your competition might have 2500. That's significantly more attractive to the customer despite the fact that you're probably just as good if not far better then your competitor.

3) Calculate your earnings precisely. Numerous rookies may sell a product and say "hey, I just sold that for $30!". However, when you take into account ebay listing fees, paypal charges and postage costs it's a lot less. You also have to think about internet fees and maybe even a storage facility if you have a lot of products. All these costs add up and take away from your real net income. If you're not making money yet even though you are selling a lot of products you need to adjust your prices somewhere. Try and observe if there is anything you could do or get for less cost.

4) Cross selling is very frequently overlooked by a lot of ebay merchants. If you market an item such as USB sticks and you have an item called "red USB sticks" on sale. Then be sure to include a hyper link within the text to all your other USB Sticks you have for sale. That way if the customer all of a sudden decides they don't want a red USB stick but would prefer a black USB stick you can provide them a link already there for them to click. This will save them from typing it into the search and more then likely help you to keep your consumer.

5) Always retain e-mail details. Someone purchases an item off you, then you have got their email address as well as their ebay i.d! Save that and keep it someplace so that in long term you can market similar products to these individuals. Virtually any Internet marketing person will inform you that building targeted databases is one of the secrets to success. It's amazing how many individuals sell products but after that don't keep the email addresses of their buyers for the future!

It is quite surprising just how many merchants don't take a lot of these things into account. Bare these things in mind and you will constantly make money from ebay!