Stylish shoes have always been very important to teenagers. Since most teens are active, it's always good to find shoe styles that are trendy and comfortable. From sneakers to boots to dress shoes, there are a number of options that teens love. While designer shoes are often coveted by teens, many shoes are available that resemble designers shoes for a fraction of the price. Good shoes for teens can easily be found at stores like Converse and ShoeMall. Here are five shoe styles teens will love:

1. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars

These sneakers have been a favorite of teenagers for decades. They come in both a high-top and low-top style. The shoes are durable and are good for gym class. They can also be cleaned easily, which is an essential for any teen. All-Stars have always had a range of different colors available. In addition to a range of different colors, custom designs are also available. This allows any teen to have a pair of shoes that are uniquely his own.

2. Suede Boots

Suede boots are a stylish option for girls. The darker and neutral colors commonly used for suede boots go well with almost any outfit. Most have warm linings that make them a more stylish alternative to snow boots. These boots are most commonly worn at lengths between the ankle and the knee or at ankle length. Some ankle-length boots feature extra decorative elements like a leather fringe or possibly beadwork. Since these types of boots are almost always in style, most girls will get a lot of use out of them.

3. Crocs

Crocs are a very popular unisex style. These shoes are known for molding to fit your feet and allow them to breathe. They make a good warm weather alternative to sneakers. The design easily allows them to resist odors. They're also practical in situations where sandals aren't appropriate. Some Crocs feature fur linings that make them ideal for Winter wear. One thing that makes Crocs appealing is that fact that they can easily be embellished to suit an outfit.

4. Work Boots

Work boots are popular with teenage boys, as well as with many girls. Several work boot brands are available in darker colors that make them suitable for any casual occasion. Like suede boots, they make a good alternative to snow boots since they offer very good traction. They can also easily be worn in rainy weather due to the protection that they provide. These boots usually include an extra sock lining for even more comfort.

5. Running Shoes

Running shoes are popular for school sporting events, as well as everyday wear. Breathable mesh is incorporated into the shoes designs to help your feet breathe more easily. Most are made of synthetic leather so that they're easier to keep clean. Extra cushioning is provided to keep your feet comfortable all day. One appealing thing about running shoes is that they're available in several color varieties. Black, white and titanium are popular unisex colors. Pinks, light blues and other pastels are popular for girls' running shoes.