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We’ve all gone through that phase at school or college when all other priorities go out the window and we put 110 percent into our studies. For most of us this is simply a phase that ends the moment we walk out of the exam hall but for others it is so much more than that. Are you one of these people? Here are 5 signs that you’re spending too much time with your head in the books.

Your conversation skills are non-existent

Behind closed doors and tucked away with your head in a book is a solitary experience. If you get sucked in too deep to the black hole of studying you might struggle in any situation where conversation is required. If you find it difficult to make small chat or participate in any form of conversation with friends, family or colleagues it may be the first sign that you’re taking studying a bit too seriously.

You don’t see your friends outside of school

When was the last time you went out for a drink with your mates or found yourself at a friend’s house chilling out? If you’re struggling to recall due to the fact you’ve been locked away in your room for the past two or three months then it’s not a good sign. The moment you start giving up on friendship in order to study you know you’ve got a problem.

Studying is the first and last thing you think about every day

Are your thoughts drenched in the concept of studying? Have you forgotten what it’s like to think about anything else? Well this is yet another sign you’re taking the whole thing too seriously. It’s not easy to be told not to think of something and expect the subject to simply evaporate from your head. You should however engage in other activities so your mind at least has some content to reach for. If you are thinking about studying first thing in the morning and last thing at night it’s a warning sign that you’re becoming obsessed.

Your personal book collection is made up of text books

Even academics need a little relaxing moment to sit down with their favourite novel and escape into a world of fantasy and fiction. Have you got a bookshelf that could accommodate such a leisurely activity or is it stacked with nothing but textbooks and manuals from your course? If the latter is the case then you may be in trouble again. Don’t let your studies take over your life (and your bookshelf) – make some space for things you enjoy too!

Your teacher tells you so

It’s one thing for a friend or family member to tell you you’re taking studying too seriously but when you hear those words from the mouth of your teacher it’s a different matter. A teacher’s job is usually consumed by efforts to encourage studying among the lazier students. The moment he or she tells you you’re taking studying too seriously though and you know it’s the truth. If the first 4 on this list failed to convince you then let this be the final warning. You need to take a break.

We all want to achieve the best results possible and most of us know our limits – we know when we’ve studied hard enough and we know when we deserve a break. Some of us, however, do not and it can go as far to affect our social lives and mental state. If any of these five signs ring true with you then it’s maybe time you started taking studying a little less serious.