Looking for signs your husband is cheating? Although it is heart breaking to see cheating husband signs, you need to beaware so you can either move on in your life or seek marital help. Your husband might have been seeing a women for the past five months and you'll want to pick up the signs quickly to see what's going on for where you both stand in the marriage. He could just come home late from work, shave every few days when he used to shave once a week, or even forget your birthday. In any case, these are just a few of the signs you'll need to watch out for.

1. Your husband might have been a skunk in the marriage, basically never washing his clothes or bothering to comb his hair - and suddenly that has changed. While there is nothing wrong with getting a new hair cut once a month, or buying new clothes, you instantly realize he changed overnight. Cheating spouse signs often include a totally clean, new wardrobe and heavy cologne as well.

2. Many times women will automatically assume their husband is cheating on them when the work schedule changes to overtime. Give him some space and let him do his own thing. He may just be trying to work overtime to pay the bills or buy you that purse you always wanted. However, if you notice his overtime fluctuates and you can't get a schedule out of him - it could be a definite cheating sign.

3. Small pieces of evidence like hair is essential to infidelity confrontation. Your children have short black hair and so do you. Your husbands hair is brunette. The one you found on his shirt is long and blonde. If it looks odd, then it is time to confront him but save up everything. For example, if it is just one hair - add it to a bag and keep adding as you find more. There won't be an excuse with a pile of hair in the bag.

4. Check his eating schedule. You'll hear excuses like "My stomach hurts" or "I already ate lunch". In this case, you can pick up on cheating husband signs quickly. If he is indeed seeing someone else, then he'll be eating there too. Remember all those times your husband came home to his favorite dinner? He didn't touch his dinner because he supposedly was sick, but the real reason is for his fullness. Try doing small things like showing up at his work for a little lunch picnic. It'll be fun to get closer to your husband, however you might catch him in a cheating act. Or worse yet, not even at work!

5. When you walk into a room, he closes all windows on he computer. Your husband is cheating if he seems suddenly uncomfortable around your presence or even makes new e-mail accounts. It's fine to not know his password, but when he is hiding this from you - while visiting social networking sites more often, then there is something wrong. Make sure you observe from a distance and check his internet history. He'll slip up sooner or later.