In business, it's not difficult to find yourself bogged down  and moving in circles with your day-to-day r5 Simple Business Goalsegimen.  If you've lost your momentum this set of 5 simple business goals can not only help you break the cycle but also move your marketing and business prospecting forward again.


Division By Thirds


The goal here is to dedicate one-third of your day prospecting for new clients, one-third executing business tasks and the rest of your time supporting your existing customers.  The idea is that it is important to start tracking your time.  Most business owners tend to focus on only one or two of these areas.  Find out which of these is missing from your three-part strategy and devote the necessary time that was missing.


A Waste of Time


Throughout the business day there are different things that cause us to deviate from our task, i.e.; checking our social media outlets, talking on the phone and texting in a non business related manner, etc.  Find out where these small increments or in some cases large amounts of time are going and minimize.  It suprising how it adds up over the day.  Don't give up everything, as you will need your interment breaks, but do cut back and stay on task.


30 Minutes of Camera Time


Take 30 minutes twice a week to shoot and post a personal message via video to your business prospects or employees.  It's a great way to relate to your community and to change company perception.  Plus as a bonus, this can potentially create new leads.  Write a brief script before you start to find your direction and do keep the video under 5 minutes.  It doesn't have to be a professional production.  Using the camera on your laptop is fine. 

Speaking your mind about a topic is great, but do not limit yourself.  Interviewing employees or clients about their successes is a good option as well, particularly if you're having trouble finding a topic.


Thanking 5 People


Right now who are your top 5 clients?  Begin sending each one a personal note on a regular basis, checking in to find out how you can help them.  With it being only 5 people it won't take that much time out of your life and by keeping them on the top of your mind they'll likely reciprocate. Should you find that they fail to reply or shy away take note by backing off.  As well, don't email down people's throats either.  Pace yourself.


Replying to 10 People a Day


This is an easy gesture that will no doubt increase your customer loyalty.  President Obama makes this 5 Simple Business Goals(87610)practice ritual by responding to 10 written letters on a daily basis and you should too.  Simply commit to responding to at least 10 blog comments, emails or social media shout outs a day.

Act Now!

There you have it, 5 simple business goals that can easily be implemented right now.  Using these goals will not only get you back on track, but also moving forward towards more profit!