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Finding a trustworthy handyman can be a challenge for any homeowner, but once you do, they become a valuable asset in saving you time, money, and hassle while improving your home's value. 

Here is a foolproof way to find a trustworthy handyman to work in your home:

1) Compile A List of Candidates:

Sit down and compile a list of possible handymen in your area.  These names can come from various sources, including:  

  • People you trust, like your parents, siblings, friends, or co-workers

  • Neighbors, local storeowners, or real estate agents

  • Local home improvement stores – some have a board where local handymen can post a notice. 

  • Google search for handymen in your area. 

  • Social media sites and forums for your area

  • Online classified ads like Craig's List or Oodles

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2) Contact The Handymen On Your List

Call each of the candidates and ask some basic questions, like:  

  • Hours available

  • Fee scale

  • Contractor's license number (if required in your area)

  • What are their areas of expertise? 

  • How long have they been in business? 

  • How long have they been working in your community?

  • References

3) Verify

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Now, take all of the information he (or she) gave you and verify it.  Call their references and ask specific questions about the quality of their work and their general work ethics.  Also, make sure to verify their contractor's license. 

Toss out anyone who received bad reviews from their references (yes, it has happened!), lied about their contractor's number, or anything else that doesn't feel right to you.

4) Search Online

Take a moment and search for the handyman's or his company name on Google.  See if there are any reviews online from previous customers.  Maybe someone has blogged or posted on yelp about a good or bad experience with your contractor.  These reviews will give you an idea of what type of work he does and how he interacts with his customers. 

Typically, when a homeowner has a bad experience with a contractor, they complain to Better Business Bureau or the State Licensing Board.  Check with both of these services to see if any complaints have been levied against him.  Most have databases on their website that you can query with the contractor's name.

5) Narrow Your Choices

Now that you've done your due diligence, it's time to compile the research you've gathered and narrow down your choices to your top three.  Keep this list somewhere safe! 

Why pick three instead of one?  For one reason and one reason only - it's a good idea to have a backup plan.  Not all handymen will be available when you need them.  Also, you may come to find out that Handyman #1 won't do roofing so when the ceiling in your bedroom starts to leak, you have someone else to call right away.


Honest Handyman - Is It A Fable?Credit: know what you're asking – Why should I go through all of this hassle of vetting a handyman?  Can't I just hire the first guy I see?

Sure you can but you're taking on a huge risk.  What if the first guy you see if a conman who just wants to get into your house and case out the joint for a later robbery?  Or maybe the guy who knocked on your door one day six months ago does spotty electrical work that sets your house on fire.  And let's not mention the nightmares homeowners have had to deal with in regards to incorrect permitting.

Though going through the five steps will take some time and effort on your part, it could save you time, hassle, and thousands of dollars in the long run.