Flying in a plane can be a wonderful and exciting experience but going through airport security is enough to make anyone feel irritated. Here are a few tips to help your airport security experience go as smoothly as possible.


One of the easiest, but most important, things you can do is to wear shoes that will slip on and off easily. Everyone over the age of twelve is required to take of their shoes for inspection and this can make for a aggravating experience if the person behind you is having to wait on you tying your shoe laces. Also, be prepared to take off any extra clothing such as belts, jackets and all jewelry. They will have small trays for you to put small items in but if it is a item you do not feel comfortable taking off then packing it in your luggage or leaving it at home is your best option.

Know what you can and cannot take on the plane. Airport security is constantly changing the rules of what can make it through in order to increase flight safety. Know what is in your bag and if it is allowed.

Make sure you keep all your papers organized and together in a place where they will not get lost or misplaced. This can turn a wonderful trip into a nightmare in a moment.

Organize your bag in neat layers and place wrapped items such as gifts in your luggage, not in your carry-on. A TSA agent might have to unwrap the item to check it.

Last, but certainly not least, make sure your bag stands out to you. Many choose to
bring a bag that is brightly colored while others put a ID tag on them. In the chaos of going through security the last thing you want is for your bag to get mixed up with someone elses.

Put these tips into practice and it will make going through airport security a more pleasurable experience for you and those around you.