Get Blogging

5 Simple Steps to Get your Blog Started


So you have something to say and you think other people around the world will want to listen and be helped or encouraged by what you have to say.  But how do you get your voice heard?  The easiest way is to start blogging.  Below are 5 simple steps to get you blogging about your favorite topic.  I hope you find them helpful.

  1. Research.  Do your research on the topic you are going to blog about.  Even if you think you know a lot about a particular subject it doesn’t hurt to get more information.  If people are going to read your blog and come back again then you have to create yourself to be an authority on your topic.  Fortunately, you can do all the research you need right on your computer.
  2. Write.  Get started and get writing.  Even if you have an idea and are not quite sure where to start then brainstorm.  Start writing out your ideas, thoughts, and important things you have found in your research.  Once you start writing you will begin to see an outline form or a process begin to visualize.  Then you can put your information in order and write out your blog in a coherent and organized way.
  3. Create.  If you are starting from scratch and trying to go from words on your computer to a blog on the internet it is unbelievably easy.  You can even make one for free.  My friend Michael Hyatt has a video tutorial that will get your blog up in running in 20 minutes.  It’s called How to Launch a Self-Hosted WordPress blog in Twenty Minutes or Less.  The great thing about creating your own blog is that you get to personalize it, allowing all of your knowledge and talent shine.
  4. Test.  Test your blog to make sure it works.  Go over it with an eye for editorial mistakes or things that may be out of place.  Again, if you want people to come back and read your blog again you need to create authority.  You do this by writing excellent, helpful content, and by making it look as professional as possible.
  5. Feedback.  Make sure you get some feedback from family and friends.  Just because you think what you have written and created sounds great does not necessarily mean that everyone else does.  But getting some honest feedback and listening to people about your blog will definitely help you continue to tweak it and make it great.

Blogging is so easy, there is no reason to wait.  So get going and most of all, have fun!