Apply these  simple tips for a

better smile and improve your health.

Many people fail to realized the benefits of good oral health.  The medical and dental literature abounds with data showing the clear connection between what is going on inside the mouth and the rest of the body.  Scientists know there is a link between gum inflammation and heart disease.  Why not take a few minutes and change to course of your health.  Consider the following 5 simple strategies that will have a positive impact on your life.

1) Put Down The Pop

Soda pop is highly acidic and has a pH that approaches that of battery acid.  We have all seen what Cola can due to a penny submersed in it.  Imagine that same caustic effect on your teeth.  New cavities are frequently the result of pop consumption.  Many office workers sip on diet cola throughout the day.  This prolonged exposure is very damaging to teeth.

2) Chew Gum With Xylitol

The health benefits of Xylitol are proven.  There is even a link showing decreased frequency of ear infections in kids.  Xylitol is a sugar that helps destroy some of the harmful bacteria in the mouth.

3) Floss, Floss And Then Floss Some More

Flossing daily is an important but under utilized weapon in protecting your teeth, gums and oral health.  Food particles and bacteria are trapped along the gum line and between teeth.  This creates the perfect environement for decay and inflammation.  There are many brands to choose from, but if your gums are particularly sensitive use a ribbon type of floss such as Glide floss.

4) Be Proactive About Small Problems

Dentists like to fix small problems before they turn into major issues.  If your teeth are sensitive, painful or if your gums are swollen or bleed easily see your dentist.  These can be signs of developing cavities, an infection around the root of a tooth or something more serious.

Also, fixing a small cavity is more cost effective than a root canal followed by a crown.  All that can exceed $1000 or more.  At times the decay can be deeper than it appears and having a tooth pulled may be the only option.

5)  Cushion Your Teeth

Custom mouth guards provide superb fit and provide a level of protection that goes beyond the do it your self version.  These mouth guards go a long way towards preventing damage or tooth loss during sports.  Even in non-contact sports collisions do occur so take this opportunity to protect your smile.

Many people grind or brux while sleeping.  Others may simple chew or tap their teeth together during various stages of sleep.  Over time these repetitive motions will wear away enamel and can even fracture or crack teeth leading to more serious problems. 

TMJ syndrome can also be improved by the use of a night splint or night guard.  This can help cushion the impact of repetitive stress on the joint.

Be proactive this year and take these small steps to improve your oral health and total body health as well.