Finding Ideas for Your Next Blog Post

The easy part is starting a blog , but keeping a blog  fresh and interesting is a whole other matter. So many people get excited to start their own blog, but the huge number of abandoned blogs around the net speaks to the fact that many don’t know what to do to keep a blog going. To keep a blog alive, you need to post frequently.  Don’t allow yourself to become intimidated by the thought of having to come up with lots of topic ideas. Finding topics for your blog posts are easy if you use the following ideas.

1.     Google Alerts

To keep readers coming back, your blog should be timely and there’s no better way to attract attention on your blog than to tap into some ongoing news. No matter what your niche is you can find news stories and new information that will help fuel your blog posts. Sign up for Google Alerts (it’s free) and set up alerts on important words in your niche. This is a great way to get ideas about things that are relevant to your niche and happening NOW. 

2.     Comments on Previous Blog Posts

The comments section in your blog can be a great source of writing inspiration. Let’s say you have a post on your blog about family vacations. Within the comments section, a few people start asking about how to find the best deals on family friendly hotels. Voila! You have your next blog post. Look through your comments section to identify topics that you can write about or questions you can answer in the form of a blog post.  This is your audience telling you exactly what they want to read about!

3.     Resource lists

What other websites or resources would be useful for your readers? Write a few posts with information on relevant resources. Resource lists posts are easy to write and they provide excellent value to your readers. Also, don’t be afraid of losing readers if you write about other bloggers that your readers may be interested in.  If you give good tips, your readers will respect you for it and keep coming back for more!

4.     Other blogs in your niche

Keep up with other blogs in your niche and see what they are writing about. You can take a different angle on the same topic, or cover an area of the topic that the original author missed. If you disagree with the author, go ahead and express your opinion.  This is often a great way to get reader involvement through comments.

5.     Quick tips

Keep a collection  of quick tips to share with your readers. These can be inspired by your personal experience with your niche, from other blog posts, or from products within your niche. Lists are easy to put together when you are stuck for an idea, so keep stored up in a folder and pull them out when you need them.

Of course, this is just the start of a list of ideas.  If you have a clearly defined niche and you know your audience, the flow of ideas will come easier with time.  Always keep a small notebook with you and keep a running list of all the ideas that come to you while you are busy living life.  Happy blogging!