1. Sign up for a customizable blog software program such as WordPress. You can start with one of their templates and customize it as you see fit, or simply start from scratch. While content is important, we still live in a world where we become immediately interested in visual stimulants, so an attractive set up as well as easy navigation bars can do wonders for the success of your blog.
  2. Get your own domain, and host your blog directly on your site. Not doing so would just split up the traffic, rather than it all reaching the same spot. You want people to spend time on your page and read through your blogs, so it is always best to make it easier for them to stay in one place, rather than clicking around and getting easily distracted by other sites, blogs and followers.
  3. Participate in other online blogs. Post comments on other blogs, become followers of relevant sites, and invite others to post guest blogs. It is important to become a part of the blog community. You want to have people following you and linking to you, so you have to follow others and link to them as well. It is poor online etiquette to use sources, and even mention them without linking back to their site, especially they are working on an up and coming blog just like you.
  4. Take baby steps throughout the process. If you want to post a certain number of blogs a week, but you don't have a lot of traffic, you can hide that fact by blocking comments. If there is not option to comment, people might not realize that nobody else visits your blog. A conspicuous "zero comments" one 20 different blogs is worse than "comments not allowed." As you start, each task might seem tedious, but in the end these steps are well worth it.
  5. Spend time thinking about your titles. These are the doorways to your blog for the search engines, as well as the people that will click on your blog. Catchy and relevant titles are the best way to capture the attention of blog-surfers. The first step is getting them to click on your blog, the next is getting them to stay, remember it later, and continue returning.

If you think you've got the basics and you really want to take your blog to the next level, or even if you are just getting started and clueless, you can contact a San Diego web design team, or other SEO consultant in your area for some help.