Nowadays, it seems to be easier to find unhappy people than it is to find happier people. 

The stress of everyday life is more than likely to blame. Hopefully, you are not one of those unhappy people but, just in case, I would like to let you know my favorite 5 simple ways to be happier on a daily basis.

Go Eat a BananaBe Happier 1Credit:

Bananas contain tryptophan which the body converts into serotonin which is a mood regulator in the brain.  Many antidepressants manipulate serotonin levels! So instead of getting on medication go eat a banana.  This fruit will make you relax and feel happier throughout the day.

Chew Gum

Chewing gum can help you reduce your stress hormones and increase the blood flow to your brain which ultimately improves your mood. You need to chew for at least 5 minutes, though, in order to experience the benefits.

Get Physical

It is another way to be happier.  I know what you’re thinking…”Here we go again, another person telling me that I need to exercise!”.  Yes, although, exercise is a great thing to do and I recommend it, I understand that Be Happier 2Credit: of us just can’t fit it into our busy schedule or are just not motivated to do so.  If you recall, this article is on my 5 favorite SIMPLE ways to be happier.  Although, exercise is good it’s not necessarily simple for some of us.  What I meant, when I said get physical, is to have more frequent sex!  This is only if you are in a committed relationship, by the way, since this has more to do with bonding.  If you aren’t of age or in a committed relationship, then a fantastic alternative to this is to go out and give hugs.  Please make sure this is okay with the person you are intending to hug.  This type of physical bonding greatly reduces the stress hormones which would surely make you happier.

Take a Nap

If you are like me, you get sleepy in the middle of the afternoon (assuming you work at an 8 to 5 job).  Try to find a spot where you can take a 30 minute nap a few times a week.  If a nap is not possible, for whatever reason, then at least find some time to meditate.  This will not only make you more productive, it will relieve stress and cause you to be happier!

Buying Yourself Some Memories Makes You Happier

 I absolutely love to shop for new clothes and shoes but what I have realized is that the excitement ofBe Happier 3Credit: buying material things dies as soon as I get home, usually.  When I spend my money on a vacation, a day at the spa, a weekend on the beach, or a night out with my friends and create great memories I feel a lot happier and it is something that last for as long as I want it to last.  If I take pictures, videos, or write about my experience, then just recalling these memories can actually last a lifetime.

These are five very simple steps on how you can be happier starting today.  So get out there and start having a happier life.