If you are gunning for dirty cheap auto insurance  quotes, you will need to familiarize yourself with a few critical techniques. ln this article, l will be showing you what l consider to be the most important strategies for getting dirty cheap insurance quotes for your car.

You see, there are a lot of people who are paying huge sums of money on auto insurance premiums unnecessarily. What they don't know is that, with a little effort, cheap premiums are easily achieved.

Now, lets look at the core strategies.

Begin collecting quotes from small companies

You have probably heard several times the importance of shopping around for insurance quotes. This is great advice and it is the surest way to very low car insurance quotes. However, in order to get dirty cheap auto insurance premiums, you need to focus your search on the small companies.

But, why the small companies?

Because, they have low overhead, and that saving on costs is often reflected in low car insurance premiums. Big insurance companies often carry a lot of overhead which is factored into their premiums for them to recover those costs and still be able to show a profit.

Small companies on the other hand can often deliver cheap auto insurance costs since, their costs are much lower. While it may be true that small companies may give you a hastle with claims, l believe that this position is changing. lnsurance is a very high competition industry and, all companies know that word of bad service quickly gets out.

You can fish out these companies from the yellow pages as well as the search engines.

Contact 5 Brokers for auto insurance quotes

If there is one group of insurance practitioners who are always desperate for business, it's the brokers. So, once you have your quotes directly from a number of small insurance companies, you can massively increase your chances of coming out with the cheapest premiums by asking for quotes from brokers.

In order not to waste too much of you time and that of the broker, tell them before hand the cheapest quote you have and that, if they are able to beat it, you will be very glad to take the cheaper one they offer you.

Brokers know very well that customers for car insurance shop mainly on the basis of cheap quotes. No amount of bragging about the greatness of one's cover is going to help. If you therefore ask them to give you a lower quote, they know exactly what to do.

The trick however is to ensure that the broker does not give you a lower quote with reduced benefits.

Use your head and not your emotions

When someone contacts an insurance company and they are given a quote that is within their budget, chances are, they will open their wallet and buy. This is a big mistake that l saw being repeated over and over again by people hunting for insurance.

This single error will completely bury your chances of getting dirty cheap auto insurance quotes.

You see, any insurance salesperson you come across, is required to close the sale on the spot. Huge amounts of training is invested in ensuring that this goal is achieved with ease. Since insurance salespeople are aware that customers buy on emotion, there will be some mild emotional pressure that is applied to ensure that the insurance policy is sealed on the spot.

So, make a clear distinction between "quote gathering time" and the time for thinking logically about the quotes and making your decision.

Loose ends to take care of

In this section of the article, l want to look at a few loose ends that may prevent you from getting dirty cheap auto insurance quotes.

One of the most crucial things to look into is the security of your parking at night. If your vehicle is parked on the street at night, you can be certain of a very hefty car insurance premium. If you don't have a garage, at least find an enclosed public parking area close to your place of residence.

A closely related factor is the actual vehicle related crime in the area that you stay in. If you are in a very high risk area with several reported incidents for which car insurance companies have had to pay, you are better off moving to a more secure place.

While there are certainly no guarantees of cheap premiums, with a diligent application of the principles disclosed in this article, you will stand a better chance to get dirty cheap auto insurance premiums.