In online business, advertising is EVERYTHING! Without eyeballs on your website, you will not get any comments, user interaction, much less, make ANY sales whatsoever.

But not all traffic is equal. Because if the traffic is not targeted, or interested in what your site has to offer, its not going to be of any value to you.

Take for example all of the many different 'traffic exchanges' or 'traffic clicking' programs that are out there. If you have a website that is about your passion or hobby, say skateboarding, then what good is this traffic really going to do you?

Who's using these services?

Webmasters and marketers want fresh traffic on their sites too. They are only in it for the traffic that comes to them from the time and clicks they give to others on these "exchanges". Everyone having the same interest, these sites have little real value.

Even if your site is about these traffic services (pretty much the only way you will see benefit from these sites) you will still need to spend a huge amount of time surfing around these sites just to get any decent traffic at all.

Once marketers discovered this they changed things up. They started promoting all the different programs to a lot of other marketers to get them to buy their products, so they could get some traffic as a result. This became their new laser beam focus. Only problem is that all the marketers got wise to this, and with everyone doing the same thing, it didn't leave much real traffic for anyone else.

Bottom-line; You need targeted traffic. So here are some tips on how you can generate exactly the traffic you need and bring the visitors you want to your website without having to chase after them.

1. What Is Your Website Really About?

Do you just have a page with a lot of links and not much else?

If that is what you've got, or perhaps you sell a product and only have a sales page up. Well you can consider writing some articles on other parts of your site to attract new vistors and create more interest in your site.

2. Talk About Your Personal Experience And Relate That To Your Business

You don't have to put up a full on resume (even though can work as well) but instead, try writing about what your website is about and relating your personal experiences to your business and making them coincide with your business.

For instane, if your site is about skateboarding, perhaps try writing about the last skate video you watched, who was in it, what kind of tricks they did and your favorite parts. Heck, you could even talk about the music!

Even better if you actually do skateboard, then why not put up some pictures or videos of the last time you went skateboarding with all your friends?

3. Add A Forum Or Bulletin Board

One of the best ways to start getting massive traffic is to add a forum or bulletin board to your website. If it really takes off and some great discussions start happening over there, you are going to be getting a ton of traffic from everyone posting it on Facebook and Twitter.

There are also lots of free services that will provide you with the software needed to do this. You can either have it hosted remotely or install the software directly on your server, which is what I would recommend.

You can simple Google "Forum Software", and while you are there, why not run a search for "Bulletin Software"as well to see what you can find. Perhaps even look for forums on the same subject and investigate those to see how you can incorporate something similar into your website.

Or you even simply create an account over at one of those forums, add in a signature with a little description about your website and a link back to it. Doing this can result in you getting loads of targeted traffic totally for free and very easily. Just remember to add value to the forum.

4. Create A Blog To Drive Traffic

Blogs, especially WordPress blogs, are very popular with the search engines and they reward you with top rankings and lots of free traffic. Your blog would be a great place to talk about things related to your niche. For example, if you spent some time skateboarding today with your friends, post that skate footage or pictures if you snapped any. People really digg that stuff and will respond by sharing your content.

The really great part about this is that you can point links from your blog back to your website, so when the search engine stops by to grab and index your latest content, it will also stop by your website and you will start seeing very targeted traffic heading your way.

But one of the best features of a blog is that you can point links back to your site of interest, perhaps a sales page or another way that you are planning to monetize your traffic. This is great for optimization because when the search engines crawl your blog, they will also crawl your money site, that you are linking to.

5. Write Targeted Articles

Writing articles is a very powerful and underestimated form of getting fresh, targeted traffic to your site of interest. There are loads of article directories and ezines that you can share your content on.

All you have to do is find your favorite one, write an article and then insert your link the what they call the "Resource Box" (very similar to a signature) and then let the ezine know that you are allowing others to publish your content on their websites.

What will happen is other content seekers will find your articles and publish them on their websites or blogs with YOUR signature still intact. This has the potential to drive massive traffic back to your site.

And since there are literally thousands of eines on any topic imaginable, you can't loose. Write an article every few days and post it in the directories. Very shortly you will see a fresh new influx of traffic coming your way.

Best of all, these 5 simple tips will bring targeted traffic, meaning the visitors are coming to you because they are interested in what you wrote.

And there you have it. Whether you have a home based business or the beginning of an Internet Marketing enterprise, you can greatly benefit from the quick and easy tips share with you here today to get more traffic to your websites.