Details make design. Instead of the obvious features of a room, it's the small design elements that ultimately make the magic. Just as a silk tie or pair of earrings make an outfit, small design elements come together to enhance the integrity of the whole. Take a look at these 5 small design elements that make a big difference.

  1. Carpeted Stairs Graced by Stair Rods
    Carpet is just cozy and nice. It's great for kids who run up and down the stairs in bare feet. There's still something very charming about hardwood stairs, however. Try using a stair rug that is held down by stair rods. For a warm feeling of carpet that mixes with the hardwood charm, stair rods keep the carpet rooted in place. Let the kids place pirates until the house looks like a shipwreck. If going for an elegant look, use French hardware, or whatever theme best suits your design.

  2. Restored Heirloom Chandeliers
    Chandeliers are important family heirlooms. They form connections to the past. Passed down the generations, chandeliers provide the same light to the family kitchen that Grandpa used to read late at night. Restore old family chandeliers to become passed down family heirlooms. Give gift not only to yourself, but your children and grandchildren as well. Family ties need to be preserved so that future generations may share your light.

  3. Arched Door Openings
    Are you building your own home? How about a different approach to the same old tired square door frames? Arched door openings create a new look to traditional household décor. It suggests a more medieval architecture, creating castle-like décor for the dimension of your home.

  4. Lighting Variety
    Shadows add dimension and comfort to your home. Use a variety of lights so you can better control shadows that set the mood of your home. Bright lighting may be great for reading and relaxing, but more subdued lights can be more relaxing and romantic. Use many lights so that you have options.

  5. Natural Wood Floors
    Who needs carpet? Natural wood floors improve the overall value of a home, adding charm to its warmth. Wood floors are also much easier to take care of and better for small children and people with allergies.