The fact that there are more and more apps is both a good and a bad thing. The good thing is of course that you have more choice and that the competition encourages app developpers to improve their apps constantly.

However, it is also a bad thing in the sense that you get easily lost in ocean of apps, not knowing which to choose. Here are 5 apps which are free, small and useful.


Shush AndroidHow often have you missed a call because you turned off the sound on your phone during a meeting and forgot to turn it on after that? Well, it happened to me several times in the past but not anymore thanks to Shush.

How dows Shush works? If you have it installed on your phone, everytime you set your phone on silent, you get a prompt from Shush asking you for how long you want to "silence" your phone. 1 hour, 2 hours, ... If you don't precise anything, your phone will remain silent until you set it back to normal.

It works great, it is easy to install and to set up and the only improvement I would like to have is some kind of notifications in case you get a call or a message during the silent period (when the phone is set back on normal mode, it should vibrate or something).

Tiny Flashlight + LED

I mentioned the importance of having a flashlight in my 6 Tips aboug Smartphones article. The thing is you may never have the need for it but if you do one day, that would be a shame not to have one.

Be sure to have a shortcut on your desktop too so that it does not take you more than a few seconds to activate your flashlight app.

Tiny Flashlight + LED

I like this app best (tiny, works fine, has many options, some of which can keep my 3yo son busy, ...) but if you have another one you are used to, then you don't need to change.

The important thing is that you have a flash light app on your phone and that you know how to use it, even in a "panick situation".


Pocket AndroidPocket by Tim Clark is a nice little app that lets you store some sensitive information. For example, your passport number, your frequent flyer number, social security number, etc...

No need to get your passport, bank card, frequent flyer bonus card, etc... out of your pockets every time you book a flight.

It is working fine, the information is protected by a password (that you choose) and when the phone goes to standby mode, the app immediately locks the information (so that nobody can see any sensitive information if the phone goes back to active mode).

AirPush Detector

AirPush DetectorThis app is particularly nice to have if some members of your family plays with your phone and download a little bit too many nasty apps. 

What it does? It detects apps that send airpush notification and this is what makes you see ads from time to time, especially when you are busy with serious matters.

This is a tiny app, it quickly scans your phone, so why not keep it in case?


Notepad AndroidI am actually quite surprised that Android does not come automatically with a good note taking default app. Doesn't everyone need to take notes at least from time to time?

The app I personally use is Notepad by BanderLabs. I tried 2 or 3 other similar apps in the past but I like the simplicity of this one.

Again, if you have your own fantastic note taking app, don't feel obliged to change for this one, the point is simply to get yourself a good note taking apps.


There are many more nice apps you could get on your phone but I really wanted to keep it simple and only list 5 little apps that I appreciate and that are helpful.

Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you want to suggest another app (something you love) but please do not start an app war.