At times, the best aspects of a home's décor can be found in the smallest of details. Yes the carpet is important, and the color of the walls and the choice of large furniture pieces should be given plenty of thought. But the thing that is truly going to make an interior space feel complete is the small décor choices that brighten up the room and pull together its overall design. Here are a few small decorating details that can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home.

1. Flowers
Flowers are one of the best ways to brighten up a room and make it feel alive and vibrant. They don't have to be expensive, just pick a color that you think would look great atop your coffee table or dinner table and go for it. A good thing to do is to get in the habit of picking up a bouquet every time you go shopping for groceries. You can break up a large bouquet, if you wanna save some money, and use the different batches to decorate different rooms in the house. Flowers arranged in different parts of the same room can serve to lead the eye along and create a cohesive composition.

2. Show-off Your Collections
Any collection that you're proud of or take pleasure in looking at should be displayed all together in glass cases, rather than being scattered about the room. Grouped collections can have a great decorative impact on any room, since it highlights the items included, whereas if they were scattered individually, they might not even be noticed.

3. Dress up What You Already Have
Adding small details to the pieces you already have can make a huge difference. A plain curtain can be totally transformed if you add a pretty ribbon edging to it. Add jewels to drawer handles to give them new life, or a lace cloth to your coffee table or book shelf, or custom drapery hardware to your curtains. Every space and piece of large furniture can be made more attractive by adding just one small extra detail to it.

4. Change the Hardware
If the hardware in your room is outdated or old, give it a stylish new look. Replace old door handles and cabinet pulls with new decorative pieces. This option is very inexpensive and can give your house design a great sense of continuity. You can customize the hardware in each room to each its own unique look.

5. A Splash of Color
Using bold colors in small amounts can help add an interesting new layer to a room's design without making it feel crowded. You can spice up any boring color scheme by adding different color borders or designs. Add a few pieces of wall art containing the new accent color to create a nice even flow.